Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 23: Unleashing Aggression

I'll have one less blog follower after this.

resume cadet's routine to shut down the brain. morning wake up for breakfast then work, evening sport then dinner, followed by studying documentary, finally sleep.
ridiculous, confused, and lost.
my condition this morning was exactly like car in the water? with unknown direction and position.
Penang island
Internship = Liberation
went to Kek Lok Si this morning, felt a bit weird when a monk asked me to pay 2 bucks to enter the new shrine hall. are they supposed to ask money?
great architecture with traditional design

looked for bike shops around Penang, not many choices though. it was scary when the car sort of lost control when going downhill at Balik Pulau. with God's blessing, nothing bad happened.
was very sleepy in the car, so i parked at the road side and took a nap. one indian guy came to collect money, straightaway i drove away. Later on I blasted music to keep me awake till Butterworth.
Pulau Jerjak. thought of swimming across from Queensbay to Jerjak.
at Queensbay mall, salesperson of absolute fitness came to me asked me to sign up.
I really felt like telling him "if u beat me on treadmill, i will sign up".
Ooops. one more time i was about to unleash aggression and ego through my tongue. the main reason might be because of lack of training this few days.

to all my friends who have been asking me if i'm okay, i'm absolutely alright after today's Le Tour de Penang. I'll keep myself occupied, already set a goal for myself.
i have about 20 days to work on my goal. I wanna score 3.15 in KL Marathon.
I'll keep, appreciate and feel grateful for what I'm having now. forget about the lost.

Alpha whiskey alpha kilo echo november=)

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ted said...

Sir, I would like to swim with you across from Queensbay to Jerjak. =)