Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 1: Thanks Jamie

walked around the condo area, the facilities are all good.
mama drove me from KL to Penang, not very confident with my driving. seems like i have yet to be empowered.
my new wardrobe. i fold my clothes just like how i have been trained for years.

i missed out many things in life during my teenage. however, i traded my freedom with wisdom i gained through the hard ways in military.

it was Jamie who found this house for me, i would say it is beyond my imagination. the owner and his girl friend are both friendly. I'm very impressed with the gadgets in this house, every single piece of it from the ceiling fan till the light with dimmer, all functions very uniquely.

today, i learned to use washing machine. was fascinated when it starts spinning. been hand washing since the day i entered RMC, no big deal to live without washing machine and water heater.

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bingjian said...

yoo bro,now u staying at penang???