Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Senior Officer

every time i see this, i'll remember how papa used to ask us to do push up clap. i was thinking it's impossible to clap when doing push up. and today, all 3 of us can push up clap. all thanks to the mold which shaped us all- Royal Military College.

final exams is just around the corner, and i didn't even have time to update my blog. but now i'm taking the effort to write a birthday post for my "respectful" dad instead of beloved. it just doesn't sound right when i typed "beloved". all the family members were trained in military school except for my mum, so the regimental just runs in our blood. annually, i find it very very hard to really express the birthday wish to my father. being eastern and chinese and man of pride, I don't normally directly express feelings, just not me. i'll get goosebumps=p

SMS-es sound like military signal; entering house have to acknowledge the elderly especially your respectful senior officer; when other teenagers dress up in a trendy manner, we buck up our personal drill. not all the rules and regulations we willingly comply to, especially me. it always started with negative respond and strong rejection which close to the verge of retaliate. human nature, resistance to change.

as i always think "I'm a modern soldier, he is the old generation soldier. the way UPNM structured my training is totally opposite with what he undergone 20 over years back!" young blood always rebel, can't help it=p
despite all the obstacles, he is the man who never give up to improve this family.

the man behind of all these...
is a man like no other, Chan Peng Cheong our father.
organization at home has indirectly structured like the military chain of command. Parents practice Strategic Leadership, and we as the platoon members will do the Tactical Leadership where most of the time " Sir yes Sir" supporting the senior management.

no matter how people look at it, it is the end product that matters.

this kid with red cap has grown up, and today a 3 times Ironman Finisher pursuing Mechanical Engineering degree in UPNM.
no more monkey dangling. now a doctor gonna be. Armed Forces scholarship.
was a boy, now a SUO in Royal Military College.

all the 3 of us gone through military training and sponsored by the Ministry of Defence.

not a perfect father i would say.
but good enough to be one of the best.
have seen many of senior officers who successfully climbed up the carrier ladder but neglected the family. keeping it balance both family and career is an extremely hard and demand high commitment.
it is a challenge, a really tough one.
but our father has proven that it is not impossible.

he is not an Ironman, but i think he holds on to the Ironman motto in his life.
"impossible is nothing"

and of course, forever a lovely wife.
as the saying goes, behind every great man, there's a great woman behind.
when i was small, i would say "behind all 3 of my siblings, there's a TIGER mum behind"
so we better behave.
fall in...
doraemon is totally in contrast with what we are doing.
we should be "doraemon-ing" in front of the TV instead of standing at ease.
kekanan lurus...

alright, back to the gist of this post:
24th April 2011
I Midshipmen Chan Jun Shen wishing Captain Chan Peng Cheong my father Happy Birthday. may the strong determination in u never fade, keep the standard high and may all 3 of us shine when our day comes. all the very best of luck in climbing up the Navy hierarchy.
a year senior, a year wiser. may u be blessed with good health and wealth.

again, Happy Birthday Pa...

*woohoo banyak kerja nak kena siapkan... mati katak la aku... next week final exam. it's pushing me too hard. internship is my greatest motivation to keep breathing=p come on Chan Jun Shen!


L.e.y.h.a said...

happy bufday to ur father chan! same with father policeman, time kecik strict la jawabnye..until now. hehehhe

thurai OP said...

i like

Jamie Ng said...

Hey jun shen, it's a beautiful post. You guys look so adorable in those pictures. Happy Birhtday to captain chan! =)

ontahpapo said...

i love it...ur dad did a good job...n he still does..happy birthday sir.. =)