Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amos + Pagoh Orienteering

we brought back placing no 1,2,5,7
basically all teams got placing except for mine. Ahmad and I went more than 10km off the course! it was a stupid mistake for not checking direction before deciding which direction to go. we blindly follow other participants who we assumed to be accurate. our final position wasn't even in the map! unforgiven mistake!
instead of scoring all 20 checkpoints, Ahmad and I only scored Checkpoint no 20.

our room condition in IKBN Pagoh. it was horrible.

we exchanged the mattress and pillow with one empty room, then start squaring up our room. after 10 minutes...

overall, it was a great experience, got to know many students of other universities, superb mee bandung, and great company. as usual, i'm a bit tired and sun burned. i was running under hot sun for 2 hours starting from 10am.

1am in the morning after my orienteering, i went to yr owner's blog. to my surprise, u went missing. so i sent text messages and called despite i expect no reply, because i did hope miracle will happen. remember u licked my salty arm when we first met and naughty u climbed up to the curtain rail refused to get back to yr cage, it was nice meeting u.
this morning, spoke to yr owner. i was in the bus on my way back from Pagoh.
u disappeared since saturday, and i didn't know that.
it might be your very first free fall from 10th floor, i was worried of u.

i started making simple calculation, calculating possibility of your survival. can't help it, i'm engineering student. gravitational force 9.81 x weight 300g = 2.9kgm/s2
considering your wide "wings", the ground impact will be a lot lower. furthermore, u have been sleeping a lot, accumulated fats provide cushion for your safe landing.

i did pray for your safe landing in the bus just now although this incident has passed and no body knows what is happening to u. wonder how your new adventure will be like. whatever it is, do try to make your way home, u can bark loud (according to yr owner) if u see your owner walk pass.

our conversation through the phone, your owner seems to be okay but tried not to talk about this incident. i did suggest to look for u using a dog. too bad i'm not serving the K9 unit, else i could "hunt" for u..
i'm those kind of people who keep rewinding past incident when my brain isn't occupied with exam facts. so, i can't help but to worry how are u gonna survive out there...

i do hope miracle will happen, pls go home Amos. being away from home risking your life being attacked by dogs and crows is no fun at all. ultimate freedom might not be a good thing. better be like me, trapped in a very safe "cage" for 8 years.
pls go home... somebody is awaiting u with good food and new home...

this post is more on u than my Pagoh orienteering...

half an hour ago...
one of our lady Army Instructor got hysteria. it was scary...
my room happen to be right opposite the ladies' block, i had a bird eyes' view of the incident. she was unconsciously lying on the asphalt, with many guys surrounding her reciting Yassin.

no improvement at all, they brought her to the mosque..

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