Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Accident doesn't smell bad

did a blazing fast double file team TT with my team mates. i was riding at the back of peloton. come the third loop, i skidded at the RSAT roundabout and fell. stood up and ran onto the grassy area in the roundabout to avoid traffic. the first thing i did was to check my bike. no scratch on the frame, no crack. rode all the way back to my room.

looked at the asphalt and saw black oil all over the road. luckily i wasn't leading the group just now..

as the malay always say, "accident doesn't smell bad"

beneath my trisuit. surprisingly, no tear at all. just minor abrasion.
my elbow, the cut is quite deep
this is the painful part
pus keep coming out... told my roommate to cut the peeled skin off.
how am i gonna write notes tmrw??!!!

I am a Lifesaver, but no harm considering 2nd opinion from people in the medical field.

Option no 1, Chan Jun Win my younger brother.
Option no 2, 3rd year Dentistry student Jamie Ng.
so i called her instead of him. i have no antiseptic, no dettol, no iodine.
she told me to wash with soap. Ouch!!!
TQ for the free consultation.
it was very very painful. but i just did it. wiped all the wounds with wet tissue, then applied soap on it=p i showered despite the pain. i don't want any infection. i have no choice.
reporting sick will result in ban of all cycling training.

should consider fixing 2 more baby wheels on my back wheel and i will never fall again=p
life cycle is unique, when i was small i fell from bike for riding too slow and went off balance. now that I've grown up, i fell for riding fast.

i learned cycling when i was standard 5. my aunt will the one treat my wound every time i fall.
every time i treat my wound i will remember her... =)

one will make better rider if he can withstand pain better than the others.
wonder how am i gonna put on my white uniform tomorrow, hopefully the wound dries up quickly.