Thursday, February 17, 2011

ride hard

i'm sorry to have given u guys pain in the evening ride just now.
i am under pressure, that's how i channel my unwanted stress to this sport.
i successfully breakaway with 2 minutes lead from the chase pack.
another awesome ride by Polygon Helios 700

see the max speed? that's my level of stress.


feel so good after cycling


no body gonna talk to me tonight, boo! when u are stressed up, u are always alone.


amira said...

hi, i'm um student just starting on road bike... but there is no club here.. may i know how many times you train every week? what's ur program? 1 LSD and interval?

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

hye amira,
we train based on what our upcoming races are. we race triathlon, duathlon and all sorts of endurance races. i normally bike with total distance of 50km a week. because we have to swim and run in the same week. we do team time trial and some hill climbing in a week. there's a guy with the name of Azrul, a friend of mine in UM, he is a rider. he was from RMC, and recently he won the one malaysia photo contest and got an award from the prime minister. not sure if u know him...