Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bikes sexier than girls

went for prayers this morning, may i be well and happy=)


after a whole week of stressful and unhappy incident happened to me, i was grateful to be blessed with super nice Sunday morning bike stuff shopping. bought 5 tubes for the juniors since they have been riding without spare tubes, and a bottle cage. last week i bought the Pro Road ceramic coated chain lube and a cycling tights.
and also, a new wallet=) the old wallet can't really fit my military IC, and my IC looks horrible and need to be replaced due to the improper placement in my wallet. the new one will do a better job hopefully.

OP Azrul X Games drove Farhan and I around KL for the bike hunt.

3 bike shops i went today, was fascinated looking at those high end bikes, especially Kuota Kult and Kredo. i was thinking these bikes are way sexier than girls=p my next toy will be MVR R1 racing helmet, weigh 185grams compare to my current Giro Indicator 289g on my head.

yesterday breakaway without using aero bar. actually i have been doing breakaway from peloton since the day i got my Peloton Helios 700, i expect a great leap of speed once i got my aero bar.
bought Zefal 45g plastic bottle cage, plan to put it on my aero bar. my current frame is too small for 2 bottle cages to be put together at one time...

aero bar + aero helmet = extra speed = good bye peloton = individual TT

ame back from outing, had a sweet evening nap after i finished my laundry.
then, Jamie called, then Kak Julie. was surprised to get her phone call coz she hardly does that and we didn't talk for quite some time, then kak julie shared with me her excitement in sepang bike race=)
how nice if they both call me after i kena FSMO. boleh la de-stress sikit.

a junior of mine, was knocked down by a car yesterday, and the wheel rolled over his thigh. and no broken bones, just minor bruises. he is an Ironman. haha

kawan kita amirul, berbahagia di sisi orang tersayang di aquaria. its okay, aku dating dengan basikal=p

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