Sunday, January 23, 2011

Polygon 700 Escaped from Peloton

22nd January.
after morning run 10km at UM, i came back with a disappointing 20th placing, my body just didn't feel good. in the evening about 15 riders gathered at the swimming pool for 40km ride.

the first 18km was light and easy without any serious attacking, we were riding at 35km/h most of the time and everybody took turn to pull the peloton. once we reach 20km, I initiated the first attack and i had Kicap, Amirul and Lim following at the back. many riders started to drop out when we were pushing 43km/h from 1RAMD to the roundabout.

at Dewan Dato Jamil, the slight incline of the road is a good place to launch another attack. pedaled hard up to 38km/h to pull up the gap. only the strong ones can survive the pace. left only 4 riders.

at the 3oth Kilometer, kicap launched a suicide attack for 300m and i tailed him all the way. he decided to call it a day after climbing up the hill to guard room. left only 3 riders, i see the opportunity to gave all i had to ride alone for the last 10km. Helios 700 equipped with Ksyrium Elite is a very good climber, felt a lot easier to climb compare to CSK, probably because of lighter weight and the bike geometry.

my thighs started to sore, but an attack is successful only when the chasepack failed to tail the leader. the one who can withstand more pain will make better rider. i was breathing very very hard but the speedometer was showing 40km/h and is increasing, that was my only motivation to keep hammering the pedal. looked back and saw Lim and Amirul few hundred meters behind. i was lucky that my body was feeling great. i rode the final 7km alone, and the new adjustment of my saddle works well.
at first i didn't feel comfortable with this Arione because i was using Arione Tri with thicker cushion before this. however, i brought the saddle few milimeter forward and tilt it down a little to suit my riding style. the Ritchey seat post is able to tilt the saddle up to more than 5 degree!
the handle bar is slightly wider than CSK's. i initially intend to change to smaller handle bar, a little more aero. however, i changed my mind after feeling VERY comfortable with this wider handlebar.

ended the 40km cycling with 2 minutes lead from the Chasepack. average of 33.8km/h with the maximum speed of 48.8km/h.

Polygon Helios 700 escaped from the peloton. Good Job! =)

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