Sunday, October 3, 2010

decommission of New Balance 903 from active duty

Mizuno at Gardens, buy one get one free. Quek and I both bought running shoes for ourselves.
i need to replace my New Balance 903, the sole has worn out.
here are my running shoes.
Mizuno Wave precision 9, ladies's cut. i don't really mind to wear lady's cut as long as i feel comfortable and doesn't cause me blisters. my Sidi pink cycling shoes is also ladies' cut.
let's see if this shoes will bring me good luck, break more records please.
Mizuno Wave Precision 9, very responsive, but cushion not as good as NB903, will be a good 10km running shoes. will put on Lock Laces for my new weapon... *grins*...
heart ache seeing my new balance 903
Adidas trail running shoes, original price RM300 plus, bought it at RM180.
suppose to race in perhentian, till today i never race with this shoe YET.
Mizuno Wave Aero. 2 times Ironman Finisher, broke my personal records many many times.
the left worn out more than the right. obviously i roll more to the side when running. need to do more drills to improve my strides. Pronation will cause injury.
after the snatch theft incident, the NB903 suffered critical "injury". i already recovered from my ankle pain, but NB903's permanent damage can never be cured.
this is the best shoe i ever had so far. the cushion and softness of the blown rubber, is indescribable by words. the pillow feel every step i strike, made my run feel so enjoyable.

i fought the snatch thieves, and sacrificed my NB903=(
the sole has become unbalance, no longer new balance. continue wearing it will result in unnecessary injury. sigh... i have no choice but to "decommission" this shoe from active duty.
this shoe brought me to the finishing line of this year's Ironman, has been protecting my feet by providing maximum comfy for the past one year. this light weight shoes is meant for racing, the sole wear out very quick, not for heavy duty.
time to retire.

my first time to sushi king. Jamie and Yvonne ordered everything. i have no idea what to eat. layan saja..
Yvonne paid for the meal. TQ very much=) this morning's breakfast also paid by her.
they changed my perception that raw and uncooked food can be nice too=)
Luckily today's KTM reached tasik selatan on time. back to prison.

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