Thursday, March 4, 2010

Race Review

picture snapped by Mr Tey... 30 minutes before the swim start, felt a little dizzy..

a tiny mistake for not wearing watch tarnished my day on the 27th Feb 2010.

friends told me take it easy, and just finish it.
but i'm here to say, finishing IM is just not good enough to guarantee the survival of UPNM Multisport Team. among all the sport clubs in UPNM, i'm proud to be part of this team. we won races and share the passion for this sport, so my only hope is that UPNM will stay supportive and pay for our races. the allocation for sports has been cut down, those "weak" sports which can't bring up the university's name will get less money.

The Vice Chancellor and Commandant came to support..

unlike other universities, nearly 80% of the cadets play sports ACTIVELY. So, achievement is the key to get more allocation.

more win, more money...

after facing uncountable problems with the paperwork and admin, my technical team Haziq and Mek successfully brought us to langkawi. the reason why i wanted a technical team is bacause i need somebody to manage Hotel, registration, approval from UPNM, money, transport and bla bla.. racing IM, at do all those admin stuff will result in craziness=p lucky to have them, i can have peace of mind and race.

when i walk the 42.2km, the only thing in my mind is...
how to answer when i got back? common question they'll ask is "menang ker tak"??
hard to answer right? how can amateur like me WIN ironman. so if u were in my condition, how would u answer?

after IM, sat for 2 tests. and continue classes as usual. body haven't recovered, so i fell asleep in class. lucky to have Eddy to keep me on track, he'll guide me whenever i need him=)
not only him, i have lots of friends offer helping hand. Amirul will keep me informed whenever he got news from others=)

yesterday the announced the new rank holder's list. i'm not in.
haha! i'm super duper happy! i really need to take a break... i need rest, i need to catch up with studies and lots more. being a rank holder will reduce my attention on triathlon and squeeze my brain thinking of ways to handle "human". last time in RMC was different, RMC's rank holder has the authority and privilege which everyone will fight very hard for it. i'm proud to be part of them=)

since my aim is to come here study, and do as many IM as possible, better not to take up the post.

Back to the perception of others for UPNM multisport team.
we have the strongest runner in UPNM, we have fitness way ahead of others, so people have high expectation on us. yesterday we did cross country.. i pushed a little on the start, before the finish i walked for 1km plus. i know they'll go back and feel proud for overtaking an Ironman. i'm sure farhan will feel the same way. u guys just wait 2 more weeks, i'll recover soon!=p

saw somebody got stitches, the pain on left or right abdomen.
then i taught him how to cure. haha.. then i asked him to repeat those steps that i taught him. i walked away after that, within 30 seconds, he overtook me and smiled happily.
i ran beside him " how do u feel?"
he said "the pain is gone!"

then i saw somebody have the same problem, so i told him to teach that guy. i told him to spread this knowledge.=)

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