Thursday, March 11, 2010

Press conference 2010 Team Excel

this is what i got from the Power Bar.
Being part of the Team Excel motivate me to give my best in everything...

Tuesday went up to Bukit Besi.
did quite okay with my body haven't fully recovered.

Wednesday did the cross country and few climbing drills.
wrong nutrition plan, ate too much 1 hour before the run and ran with bloated stomach.
fell into a ditch during the run and scratch my knee. knee got swollen. luckily no serious injury..
amirul did very well on the run, he broke way and ran on his won, push very hard and did 26 minutes for the route! Black has got very steady pace on the run, maintained his speed all the way and came in top 3...

Thursday Power Bar Press Conference and met lots of nice people.
Mr Owen the regional manager gave a speech on the rostrum, followed by Mr Jordan Ng.
from Mr Jordan's speech, i know that i need to be competitive if i want to be in the Team Excel.
he emphasize on the quality of Team Elite and Excel which will be the image of Power Bar athletes. saw my face on the Banner! nice one... haha=p

some tips to share...
after strenuous exercise, what we need is a serious Recovery.

Remember R.I.C.E

1. Recovery - drink power bar recovery after training to replenish your body

2. Ice - have an ice bath to relax those fatigued muscles

3. Compression - compression wear improves blood circulation which will flush away the lactic acid faster

4. Elevation - lift up yr legs and let the blood flow to your heart

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