Friday, December 25, 2009

Jun Win RMC Passing Out 21Dec 2009

i passed out from RMC year 2006, and now Jun Win 2009.
during my time, i didn't have nice pics during the parade.. felt very very sad, coz the parade will be my last parade in RMC.
luckily my father insisted us to snap picture after the graduation in Dewan Tun Templer, at least i have few nice pics there=)
so this time, i've made up my mind, that i will snap as many pics as possible for Jun Win.
with the help of Alang Bendahara, i got tonnes of nice pictures=) thanks abang alang=) those boys guard at the spectator's area stopped me from going infront to snap pictures, but i told myself i don't care! i snap, then go..


cairo boy said...

wat the F,
chan,how can now boys joined POP w/o no 4??damn!

arena scott saucony said...

no 4 skrg kn dah diharamkan atm...

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

mana ada org pakai no 4 lagi skrang ni...
new boy tak msk kawat. form 5 je dalam parade..

cairo boy said...

heven giles sioot mereka!
its not fair!