Saturday, November 28, 2009

4th day IRONdream

28th November 2009
21km run..

after reading Shahidan's www.kakirunner.blogspot, i got inspired to run 21km.
just to try and test my capability to keep up the pace for 21km. it ended up not so well, as u can see on my watch. i didn't strap on the heart rate monitor coz i dislike having a strap on my chest. hopefully one day they'll come out with strapless one. or already have? i don't know..
i brought 2 bottles of plain water, 2 gels and beans. i'm very alert with the sodium intake for this run. i started at 8 am plus.. so by the time i go for final loop, day is getting hot. the old me never wear cap when i run, but nowadays i prefer to have cap cover my forehead and absorb the sweat.
didn't push myself coz tmrw will be my last day of holiday, and the military training will be strenuous through out the whole month. might be my last training for this holiday=) i made good use of my holiday and no regret=) hope my sacrifice worth and bring me closer to my goal.

i took Idan's advice for this run, and it works..
i hate my shoe get wet. in IM, i only shower top of my body. my bottom will stay dry. but this year, for the 3rd loop, one of the volunteer shower my whole body. i was very angry that time, but i know he was trying to help.

my meal after training..
Tuna Spread rich in protein and bread as my carbo source. this is the best i can have in a military camp. we're not allowed to have stove and fridge, so no choice.. better than nothing..

this is my new balance 903..
didn't buy the 904 because the sole is a little bit hard.. this 903 give me the "running-on-pillow" feeling, and the ventilation is great=)
always bring cask when u run, just in case anything happen. every long distance run and ride i'll have money with me, be prepared if my body fail suddenly and i need to stop at the grocery shops to buy water of take cab home..


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kau dah jadi mr freak dah skang chan. haha

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