Friday, November 27, 2009

Titanium Stuff

after 3 days of training in UPNM, the "Prisoner-Of-War" feeling started to overwhelm me.. i might regret not taking this opportunity to do my own stuff, so i went outing. wanted to buy a printer, but would it be necessary since next month will be the military training? or i should wait till next semester? hmm may be the price will drop, then can get it cheaper.

then i hunt for some sport stuff..
contacted few guys asking about some sport products namely POWER BREATHE the lung dumb bell, titanium necklace and some cool stuff..
so this is what i found.. checked in and i saw them selling the Titanium necklace RM45, and i got it RM15.
all the titanium stuff RM15 each. crazy cheap right? titanium necklace i was afraid that it'll be a fake one, but i tried it. it works! haha.

here are those cool stuff i got after days of surveying..

see those 2 tiny patches? there's a titanium ball in it, very very small.. paste this patches on yr meridian point and it'll cure yr pain and stiffness.
i feel kinda stiff on the neck after few long rides, within 10 seconds after putting it on my neck, i felt really great! my neck no more pain and regain flexibility!
i asked Jun Win to help me patch it on my meridian point.
This is truly interesting and worth investing.

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