Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3rd day training for IRONdream


Rode all the way from UPNM to Hulu langat Batu 18.
i met Farhan at Sekolah Rendah Pengkalan Tentera Darat.
not really in the mood to cycle coz before meeting farhan, a car passed by me and the side mirror touched my handlebar.. the car was dashing in a military camp! should have taken the plate number..
here goes our breakfast before climbing Perez.

my menu, as usual, Teh O Ais Limau and Roti Kosong satu..
don't wanna take too heavy coz the climb gonna be steep, and when i come back down i'm gonna eat again. so i just eat what i need to climb Perez.

this is Farhan's first ride to this place. wearing a Blue Orca trisuit under his cycling jersey. itz a smart decision coz he is going to wear that to go IM10, so by wearing the actual day's attire he can simulate the real condition.

this is me.. been here few times, but never get bored with the route..
so far Hulu langat is the best place for me, coz of the traffic in rural area, and nice roti canai.. haha. from here to Batu 18 this place is a great track to do TT coz it is slightly going down and mostly flat, remain in a aero slicing wind position will be great, left and right of the track covered by trees, so the wind isn't strong..

my weapon.. CSK.

look at this Pink Guy's wicked smile.. his weapon Trek 1000 upgraded groupset and Arione CX saddle.

me at the same place..
if u notice, on the board there're bullet holes all over. even if u look at the back of the signboard, u can see the sheet metal was penetrate by more than 30 bullets at a time.. who shoot it??? no body gonna climb up there to make holes right? the penetration looks exactly like the target in shooting training..

farhan's first time to Perez...
later we got to know that there's no such thing as Perez..
the actual name is Genting Peras, and the white people pronounce it as "Perez" instead of Peras.. haha been here since 2 years ago, now only know the true story..

came back to UPNM and bought Nasi Ayam Panggang. haha Farhan's recomendation..
then later proceed with 7km to kaki Bukit Besi.. feel good at first, after 3.5km i feel my body have no fuel to burn, forcing me to walk. another 1km to finish, i'm already at my limit, keep on running will only trash my day and result in longer recovery. what if i faint? the sun was really hot as i'm running at 12pm, and my arm shivering.. thatz not a good sign..
run walk run walk all the way like the Jeff Galloway technique. it works for me in this condition, or else walking for 7km for an "IRONMAN-cadet-triathlete" is really NO-BALLER.

back to my room did my laundry and quickly drink my supplement. within an hour after training is the best period to take supplements as the body can absorb really well.
i know nutrition is very very important and will bring extreme impact on me. this year's experience in IM proven to be a fruitful lesson as i cut down 1 hour 44minutes compared to previous year by barely an improvised nutrition plan=)

here comes my Nasi Ayam Panggang Bandar Tasik Selatan..
an hour nap and 2 can of 100 plus freshen me up and now blogging..
increment of sodium after long hours training will replenish fluid in body and make athlete recover faster.

here is my new saddle, all the way up to Perez i tried few sitting position and all i can say is my butt simply love this saddle. i changed new saddle mainly because my old saddle rail already out of shape and Arione allows various sitting position including on the saddle nose! can imitate Fabian Cancellara who sits on saddle nose during TT at the angle of 82!

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