Monday, November 23, 2009

2nd day of holiday training

yesterday's long ride was challenging, so today not going hard. i walked all the way from UPNM out to the Military Police.. this is the round about where few of our team cyclist fell.. look at the tarmac, LOOKs slippery right? yes it is..

went Mid Valley to hunt for new toy.. hehe.. my brother Jun Win gave me a Pizza Hut coupon, so i went there to have lunch at Pizza Hut. i didn't look at the coupon, so i thought a large pizza should fill in my stomach. when i got it, what a disappointment, itz just a small one. never mind, itz free after all.. so i continue with a snack plate in KFC.

Gagah setia the army's motto..

i saw this same species shoe of mine in Mid Valley..
i'm wearing 903, Eneko Llanos won Kona no 2 wearing 902, and this is 905...
it looks great, but not much different compared to 904. the sole also almost the same as 904, but this colour nicer..

here comes my new toy.. bought it at RM89.90.
reason why i bought this is.. my goggle will "flood" when somebody kick me during mass swim start, and my goggle is for pool racing, low profile hydrodynamic design, and no rubber padding. after 3.8km swim, my whole head dizzy.. however, the red screen is good for open water swimming coz of the contrast between blue seawater and greenish shore after filtered by the red screen.

this is a speedo goggle, after i made a study last night and searched in the net, i saw most of the Total Immersion swimmers wear this, because TI swimmers mostly swim open sea. and it will tremendously improve yr navigation, provide very wide view.
so, i have decided that this gonna be my new toy. haha.
chose red colour as my socks and running shoe is red..

as i am blogging.. i put this goggle on.
just now after i bought this goggle, i excitedly went to Bukit jalil to swim.
was very disappointed that the pool closed for maintenance till the 3rd December.. i'm no national swimmer, better don't argue and follow the rules.
i've been wearing this goggle while blogging for nearly an hour, feel very comfy with it=)

this is how my face gonna look like after 3.8km swim...

came back to UPNM before 5pm, went for 7km jog..
feel kinda good.. trying to improve my strides.. still working on it..

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