Sunday, November 22, 2009

the Dawn of my Holiday..

the last day in UPNM, hundred over cadets were detailed to become spectator for the Passing Out Parade of Graduate Officer intake 25. their strength is only 2 company, and 2 of the 4 awards won by ladies.. suprisingly..the parade commander was a captain from Kor Kagat!
normally we'll yell "GEMPO WIRA!!!"
but the parade commander.. "GEMPuuuuuurrrrr WIRA!" haha sounds a little funny..
at the end of the parade when they're about to slip in the sword to the sword cover, one captain failed to slip it in. too bad.. hundreds over cadets watching him..

we marched all the way back from 1st Battalion Royal Malay to UPNM, along the way, few of the cadets got slapped by the Chief Instructor for failure to swing arm appropriately. orders keep changing.. sometimes the officers said swing 45', sometimes 90.. but those who got slapped really deserve it coz they swing neither 90 nor 45. itz really an eye sore looking at those guys.

fall in at Cadet Officer's Mess, got extra drill for more than one hour. Few guys made mistake, so we got collective punishment. and CI even threatened to stop our leave.
"U cadets F****** I**** can't follow simple orders, how to become officers?"
during the extra drill, more and more people got slapped..
it has been years that i see the same thing happening in this camp, military culture and tradition never dies..
once we got the leave pass, went to see Haziq to buy some tubes. plan to ride long this holiday=)

this is my new race kit. New Sidi T2 Triathlon Shoe, and 2XU compression socks.
today's ride will be 80km. thatz the game plan. i upgraded my groupset to Shimano 105, the previous one was Shimano Ultegra, but the Grandfather Ultegra.
i decided to buy this year's 105 because, it is equivalent to last year's Ultegra, and i got it cheap=) and now i have 10 speed, smoother shifting.

at the Semenyir and Klawang junction, before reach here, i was struggling hard to keep up with the speed. i'm really in poor shape right now. lack of mileage...

haha i saw a bunch of cocky Chinese cyclist, so i gave them a challenge=p
i chased after them, but i falied to overtake 2 of them. they're crazy fast. the others, i smoke them=p haha. if i have more time to bike each weekend, i'm sure i can beat them. all i need is time!

Barisan Nasional..

this is the bunch of cocky cyclist i met. most strong cyclist are cocky. so are they strong? QUITE...

this is where i ended up after the climb up Perez.

Pekan Hulu Langat batu 18..

the lady making Roti Canai..

this is my breakfast.. 2 Roti Kosong..
when going back, i feel the speed suddenly come to me.. haha half way through, another familiar sensation attacked my thigh, forced me to stop. should no have climbed Perez!!! but if i don't climb, when am i gonna climb right?
the ride was hard for me, as i was really lack of distance.


It really hurt my legs, but i know what to do.. here comes my nutrition plan.. haha the savior of the day.. i increased my sodium intake and suck in Chocki Chocki as my source of glucose and carbs.
got back to UPNM, and saw hundred over candidates. they really not highly spirited..
imagine the fitness test, the 2.4km run they walk.. itz not a MALAY MAIL BIG WALK la.. imagine form 4 with that kind of fitness? wahai Bangsa Malaysia, wake up man..
more than 20 of them are chubby cutie Doraemon. none of them run all the way to complete 2.4km. feel sad to see that. i followed few of them to run, but they just refuse to give the best in them.
RMC is a great school, fight for it man..
i jogged for 15minutes around UPNM, as i don't want to waste my long ride..
i cramped few times.. such a lonely day, whole UPNM Tri Team, only me stayed back.
3 consecutive years i stayed back during Raya Haji. i was alone in the whole UPNM! but this year some seniors are here. i just believe this extra ounce of effort will make me to the IRONMAN finish line before the sky turn dark in February.

bumped into Major Zulmadi on the way walking back to block C5..
Major :"u're not going back?"
Chan :"No sir!"
Major :"when is yr next tournament?"
Chan ""February sir!"

he was surprised that my next race is February.. and his compliment for my sacrifice boost my morale up. haha. he is a sport science guy, thatz why he shows extra concern for athletes.

i envy my friends out there can have ample time training and ride long every weekend, but i must carry out my duty as cadet officer and follow rules in here. it has been 7 years i follow rules in this same old camp.. triathlon is a way to release pressure..

like what Andy Potts said "triathlon is sport which give u more than what u take from it"..

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