Friday, November 20, 2009

Aero Helmet

this is how i look like with an aero helmet.

thanks to Ahmad Syazwan and Amirul my techincal team for this year's IM08 for snapping this picture=) great shot=)

the aero tail isn't close to my back, so it can't guide the air to flow down my back..
and the gap between my back and the aero tail will cause turbulence..
aero helmet can save up to 50 seconds for 40km in wind tunnel. in the actual race, i can't save that much..

In conclusion, why buy aero helmet? just to keep yr head warm? or style??

or Speed Vs Pride?
it looks great tho.. can't deny that. can the head stand the heat for 180km???


bingjian said...

ur aero helmet so yeng...haha

Boylemarky said...

looks photo shopped...