Monday, May 18, 2009


here is where i made my bravo and delta..

Here is Captain Dr Kumar..
first i went into the physio room, then explained to him what happened. and i'm sure he understands my situation much better than any other doctor coz he is also a rider.
we were talking about bikes and running and injuries.. i learned a lot from him=)

whatz the difference between sport massage and normal massage?
sport massage is to flush the lactic acid to the lymphatic glance, normal massage is just to make u syok=p

and about deep breathing.. if i can practice this everyday, i hope to see tremendous improvement for the next race=)

the whole morning.. i had Ultrasound done by Joel Raj, another physiotherapist gonna be.. he is same age as me, and we did exchange few words. the clicking sound on my neck when he rub the thing(something looks like Yoko yoko=p) is able to improve my neck injury. thatz what he said.
then i asked, where is the screen? i tot ultrasound i can see my neck or something? (nampak sgt aku jahil).. rupa-rupanya.. thatz for other purpose..

then, time for the heat treatment.. he shine my neck with a warm light, infrared kot.. maka aku pun tertanya2.. kalau kawat, kita jemur tgh panas, tu heat treatment ke?=p kuang3.. after that, urut2 badan.. that was my first time kena urut by physiotherapist. hari ini dalam sejarah 18 May 2009!

the highlight of this trip to Lumut is swimming in the SWIM EX! in UPNM, i'm very sure that i'm the first one to try this pool, i tested my breast stroke and freestyle in the pool.. rupa-rupanya about the same speed. must be something wrong.. so, in this treadmill we can swim at a very fast pace by setting higher water resistance. this will definitely improve the swimmer's performance! i was swinging left and right after a while..
then i know.. my pull is not balance, and i'm lack of training. didn't swim for almost a month!
IF and ONLY IF the Navy team make full use of the SwimEx.. i can assure a tremendous improvement, and huge leap in speed and a smarter training. the problem with the Navy's triathlon, not only Navy but the armed forces team is lack of knowledge.
most of them can clock 11 hours IRONMAN, but later injured.. thatz not smart k?
Lumut Naval Base have EVERYTHING! have everything to produce a 10 hour IRONMAN. shouldn't be a problem. just name it! no wonder the Navy produce better athletes than the other forces.

Kalau la UPNM have this kind of facility... Kalau...
sedangkan kolam renang jadi kolam bela ikan.. ada ikan berenang kat dalam..
dinding kolam plak macam carpet hijau.. Navy's pool is super clean, it shows how good the Navy's management is.