Thursday, May 21, 2009

how i spend my holiday...

this is how i spend my holiday "wisely"...
since my neck injury is bothering me and spoil my mood to give my full commitment for my next IM training, so i've decided to do a smart recovery=) my holiday is less than 2 weeks, if i fully use it to heal my pain, i guess itz much smarter than training with my neck pain. furthermore, 2 weeks won't make me Mecca.

here is the hot pack on my back. my neck pain, but the physiotherapist put it on my back.

she is on job training, almost same age as me...
i did the isometric exercise under the supervision of Captain Dr Norizan..
then the Ultrasound...
they did their job, but later i've decided to heal the pain at home and do the exercises myself since i'm able to do it. itz very simple, just like warming up before training. (but i always neglect the warming up).

days after, i told my mum that i don't wanna regret after i go back to UPNM.
for UPNM to serve Lala, itz impossible.. UPNM serves FullCarbon fish, and square beef pieces. but nowadays the food has slightly improved.
so, the best time to fulfill your eager hunger and everything is during the holiday. i've decided to eat till i stretch my six pack till the six become one big pack.
Lala has always be my favorite food. itz easy to eat, and not so expensive. my mum cooked everything for me=)

here is my cousin bro at my aunt's house..

the natural fertilizer is garbage enzyme.. very environmental friendly. this is what my aunt practice, the whole store room is full of enzyme. at the door of the store i can smell the sourly smell like the asam smell. all the vegie she planted with my uncle.

i express my hunger to everyone i meet=p so my aunt made me lamb chop! haha..
sometimes itz good to whine...

look at his first salute i taught him... got the criteria to become officer?

can use the broom to clean the garden up?

i didn't really full satisfy my eager to outing, hunger to eat a horse, and desire to give all out at Broga.. but i guess i've made a right decision to heal my pain first.
2 weeks won't make me Mecca, but may be Luke McKenzie=p hahaha!

here i would like to congratulate my good friend Azrul Syaffiq for winning the photo contest and made him top 3 who went into the Prime Minister's office to recieve such great award. the most important part is.. he wore the OP's tie! i feel so proud of him firstly because he won the contest, secondly he wore the tie.
he was the one who carried me here and there with his BMX to look for racing bike when i have no one to ask "where to buy a roadbike". imagine cycling with BMX, the cadence was so high.. Thanks A Lot and Congratz!

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still remember me?
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yr aunt is miss Chan?
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she married d ah?
miss u leh...
long time din meet with u d...