Tuesday, April 14, 2009


today i went UPM together with my classmates and lecturer Mr Saiddi to experience the process of metal casting. today's trip was wonderful and all of us had a great time there=)
mold is made in box.. bottom part is the drag while the top is the cope.
sand cores with shape the molten metal..
before combining both the drag and cope, make sure the riser and sprue is in good condition. next use a metal rod to pierce holes till the all around the sand pattern.
then spray CO2 gas to the holes. the reaction between CO2 and water in silicate soda forms carbonic acid. and the sand will harden..
combine both drag and cope, put a little glue in between. then pour the molten metal into the sprue till it appear in the riser. definitely the room between cope and drag will be filled. we must ensure that we pour the metal into the sprue without stopping to prevent it from clogging..
then wait for around 20mins.. yr product is ready=)

MY CLASSMATES together with Mr Saiddi Ali Firdaus..

Encik Shaifuddin briefing the Cadets of UPNM about casting process..

Tumbuk sambal...

Mirul korek pasir..

the mold of our anchor..

Perasmian.. UPNM was here..

ZK08 intake 2007..

sama cam yang kat UPNM..

first time tgk turning machine siap dengan 10 cutting tools..

melting pot..




super hot molten aluminium!

Chan Jun Shen in action..

riser and sprue..

crack the mold, and get the shape=)

the whole class...

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