Saturday, April 18, 2009

sepandai2 tupai berkayuh....

sepandai2 tupai berkayuh.. akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua...
in english= clever clever a squirrel jump, finally it will fall to the ground.

started trainig at 5.15pm.. my junior Haziq asked me if i wanna go Bukit Besi for biking... then i said i wasn't in the mood to bike (1st warning that i'm gonna fell).
then whole group bike like usual.. 40km/h our favorite speed. the speed limit in this camp is 35km/h. but bikers tend to ignore. 35km/h just don't sore the muscles=p hahaha! talk big huh? what is 35km/h for IM, gonna sore my entire body till my brain fail.
coincidence, i was excited to pull the peloton, i pedalled harder to overtake the guy infront.. i bike 35 above.. was gasping for breath.. i always remember 7up when i breathe heavily.. to maintain our form, we need lots of oxy for the muscles. as the speed go faster.. i saw one Bangla walked across the road as if he is crossing a bridge. i shouted at him few times, but he didn't hear me.. within seconds my face hit his, then i fell on the ground. i fell at the same place i fell last year!
masa macam ni la kita sedar bertapa pentingnya kitta di-sideroll kan di padang tanpa sebab. hahahaha...
i quickly roll to the side with my painful butt facing the sky..
makhluk malang ini tenung je kat jalan tar tu.. mengenang nasib... memang malang tidak berbau stokin busuk! my team metes quickly helped me to the grassy area of the road side, i took off my helmet and lie on the ground..
my OC came to me and laughed at me.. ish OC aku ni masa cam ni ar nak wat lawak.

the result.. my rear derailleur scratched, and helmet cracked a bit..
and my IRON body sudah calar balar.. that Bangla dunno what happen.. he came to me saying sorry but i just ignore him..
otak macam lembu, lintas jalan tak tengok!
every evening if i was the one who pull the peloton, i'll shout at those people who simply cross the road.. some even kena "BODOH" especially those RMC boys.

how to solve this problem? may be next time bring the Ice Cream bell to go training.


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siaN kt kO cHan...

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