Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chan in action=p

a day before the m2m series.. i was awarded as the best athlete of UPNM. went to Kuantan MS Garden hotel for the cermony.. b4 that go tELUK cHEMPEDAK..
teluk chempedak is a nice place, the first time i saw McD and KFC at the beach. very special.. lots of mountain bikers chit chatting at the mamak stall and artist drawing portraits.. we wore smart casual to the beach. overly formal!
hmm at night.. the prize giving was grand, but i don't feel comfortable in the ball.
i know where i stand, and i'm sure lots of athletes are way better than me. i don't like the feeling when i go to a place and i'm nobody. for me to go on stage itz kinda impossible coz they're ALL national athlete! i'm not that good..
may be if i qualified to go Kona, then i can go on stage. Kona is just too far, too expensive, too hard, too not possible, a dream which is sky high and nearly impossible.
even if i qualify Kona, i won't be able to go.. financially i'm too weak, and who am i to be sponsored? UPNM will support? i don't think so. 5 figure of cash amount to go there! so, the only way for me is to excel in other field. forget about going on the stage. myself can't even clock 10 hours, and now talking crap.
now, focus to clock 11 hours FIRST.

a week before m2m, i went for kenyir. those who haven't do the IM will say itz super tough. itz tough, but not super. so the whole week i was resting and sleeping like a big fat pig. i'm not gonna train for m2m, too many things to be done, and not much time for my assignments. instructors who just reported to UPNM day and night hunting for the cadets. everyday surely get scolding from them, especially those new comers instructors. i understand, and i'll just follow. in the military, as long as u're undertraining, u'll be the worst creature on earth and nothing u do is right!

day one u're wrong for not walking in file..
day 2 u're wrong again for low arm swing...
day 3 u talk in the column and made others all got push ups..
day 4 when u already improve all the 3 above, u got battle order for not marching in platoon..
day 5 when u're walking in a platoon, an officer in the car with tinted screen scolded u for not saluting him..
day 6 when yr leg pain, the flat top haircut fella came to your room and shouted at u telling u to go sports.
day 7 u'll be asking yrself why the hell are u in this IRON River (sungai besi) camp for 6 years?????????

thatz what is happening in the military colleges all over the world. juniors will always wrong. and seniors are always right. u serve the seniors, then lead the juniors. thats what SERVE TO LEAD is all about. even in the civilian world, i'm sure there're all this tradition, may be in a different manner. it doesn't really matter, as long as u can survive, u'll make it to the top one day=)

Malam Anugerah MASUM.. UPNM's best athlete.. but i'm nobody there compare to the other athletes from Uni all over malaysia. and in the book written i'm in the athletics. i didn't run on track for years! last time i went Olahraga ATM for both 10k and 5k.. 10k i got gold.. and that was the last time i ran on track.

Dr Wardah, lecturer of UM.. hope to see her in duathlon series=)

Cik Lan and i...

Puan Siti, Chan and representatives from UPNM..



cairo boy said...

i'm proud of you laa...

cutenadea said...

hei u, u get wat u deserve la..
don't b too humble hehehe
neway, congrats!

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