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IRONMAN 2009 UPNM Post Race Review

Chan Jun Shen

71 20 MYS

1:27:30 6:03:16 4:25:48 12:06:34 176 10


TOTAL SWIM - 3.8 km 1:27:30 2:18/100m 339 24

BIKE - 30 km 2:32:47
30 km @ 57:41 31.20 km/h
BIKE - 45 km 3:01:36
15 km @ 28:49 31.23 km/h
BIKE - 57.8 km 3:28:06
12.8 km @ 26:30 28.98 km/h
BIKE - 67.5 km 3:48:30
9.7 km @ 20:24 28.53 km/h
BIKE - 82.5 km 4:17:46
15 km @ 29:16 30.75 km/h
BIKE - 95.3 km 4:46:01
12.8 km @ 28:15 27.19 km/h
BIKE - 105.0 km 5:08:06
9.7 km @ 22:05 26.35 km/h
BIKE - 120 km 5:38:48
15 km @ 30:42 29.32 km/h
BIKE - 132.8 km 6:06:46
12.8 km @ 27:58 27.46 km/h
BIKE - 142.5 km 6:27:46
9.7 km @ 21:00 27.71 km/h
BIKE - 157.5 km 6:58:35
15 km @ 30:49 29.20 km/h
BIKE - 170.3 km 7:26:21
12.8 km @ 27:46 27.66 km/h
TOTAL BIKE - 180 km 6:03:16 29.73 km/h 263 19

RUN - 5.1 km
4 km @ 27:25 6:51/km
RUN - 9.1 km 8:29:59
4 km @ 21:48 5:27/km
RUN - 13.1 km 8:53:00
4 km @ 23:01 5:45/km
RUN - 17.1 km 9:17:49
4 km @ 24:49 6:12/km
RUN - 21.1 km 9:41:24
4 km @ 23:35 5:53/km
RUN - 25.1 km 10:08:21
4 km @ 26:57 6:44/km
RUN - 29.1 km 10:38:06
4 km @ 29:45 7:26/km
RUN - 33.1 km 11:09:21
4 km @ 31:15 7:48/km
RUN - 37.1 km 11:35:38
4 km @ 26:17 6:34/km
RUN - 41.5 km 12:00:28
4.4 km @ 24:50 5:38/km
TOTAL RUN 42.2 km (4:25:48) 6:17/km 176 10

T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 2:24

Chan Jun Shen
M18/24 SWIM 1:27:30 BIKE 6:03:16 RUN 4:25:49 TOTAL 12:06:34

Farid Abd Fatah
M18/24 SWIM 2:02:29 BIKE 7:03:01 RUN 5:37:40 TOTAL 14:52:34

Hasbul Azlie
M18/24 SWIM 2:07:38 BIKE 7:31:31 RUN 5:23:45 TOTAL 15:27:56

i'm quite happy with the swim. despite my lack of training, my time still maintain. why lack of training? the pool turned green... what to do right? who's fault? pikir2 kan lah... certain factor did contribute to my swim improvement (consider it as improvement), i studied the Total Immersion and improved my stroke 1 month before the race! i plan to push a bit on the swim and go easy on the bike, then go 100% on the marathon.
out of the water ranking 339, after the bike ranking 263, on the run got 176. exactly like what i've planned!
on the bike overtook 76 fella, on the run another 87 racers i caught them up.
my marathon time was awesome! the fastest marathon time ever in the cadet's IRONMAN history.

The Cadet's IRONMAN record was previously broke by Army Captain Salman Alias:
SWIM 01:23:12
BIKE 05:50:54
RUN 04:47:33
TOTAL :12:09:54

The current record set by me:
SWIM 01:27:30
BIKE 06:03:16
RUN 04:25:49
TOTAL :12:06:34

Captain Salman is a super fast biker, the record he set was super high benchmark and i really suffered to break his record. i've never pushed myself till this hard, for the sake of breaking the record, i achieved what i never thought i could do. the body can do wonders! but during the race my body sometimes become rebellious when refuse to swim bike run faster=p i trained hard with Captain Salman, he really taught me a lot of things. one thing i'll never forget:
"first IM u'll be highly spirited, the 2nd IM, u'll be thinking a lot."
this is so true=) days with him has made me a better athlete, train smarter and appreciate the team mates. he scolded me one day before towerthon. but at last we're okay after we won the towerthon=)

I did few sets of strength training everyday, 3 months before the race.
swim bike run not quite balance coz of the new routine. but the military physical training did improve my mental strength and body capability.
swim better with total immersion=) managed to do Few Broga's during my birthday. this year's Broga is meaningful, went up there together with Azwar, OP STUPE, OP KAM and few others like TSB, OP Shazly n bla bla.. all the sacrifices worth! before the Broga, my bike super sux and i don't know why. i have no power to push my body, got tired easily! i did Broga during the Holiday, most of my time spent on my bike. Luckily my supportive parents willing to send me to Batu 18 and fetch me back after the training. came back to UPNM, as if miracle happened! i can bike average 34 in this 1.3km loop criterium style! awesome right? hahaha i don't really know whatz going on, till now...

i'm very interested and willing to try new stuff in my nutrition. through out the year i eat a lot! but never gain weight. breaky lunch and dinner in the cadet's mess, other than that, i drink the Anlene Choc milk my mum bought for me, 6 eggs per day for 1 month before race, and i really hunt for protein. i go for it! why? because my kinda thin, and to repair and rebuild my muscles, i really need those.
Omega 3 to maintain my joints, and keep those "good fats"... what u fuel yr body with, gonna significantly affect the performance. eat as much as i could during lunch and dinner. Lunch i gotta be full, so by evening, i'll be half tank, should be alright to train hard. Dinner, 30 minutes after the training i'll drink powerbar recovery, then go for dinner. Protein and Carbs my main target.
jelly belly beans are magic food. kept me strong every kilometer, and cured my almost-cramp right calf.

working in a team made me feel good. the team somehow work quite well together, no doubt conflict sometimes occur. Amad and Amirul, both helped me a lot! i owe them..
the OPs find ways to help me since UPNM have no idea who this youngest IM is and they don't know about my potential. but CI always remind us, we're here to become soldiers=p itz true. just accept it.
paperworks rejected numerous time, but finally approved. thank god! my record as the youngest qualified IM will just become history. Organizer said they got no power no certified my letter. what to do?
to Ahmad and Amirul, they really die for the club and contributed so much! through out the race they keep tracking me and ensure i'm in good condition. thanks a lot. many people still couldn't believe me amad and mirul will talk about Tri whenever we meet. that shows our passion!

with my IM08 left over fitness and mileage, i completed the IM. IM08 i did lots of mistakes. drank too much water, wrong bike position, wrong running plan n bla bla...
i was suppose to clock 12 hours during IM08! 13:50 was my disappointment, but i gave my best shot tho..
my muscles suffered during IM07 and i'm sure they remember till now=p no wonder this year my muscles are ready for higher intensity!=p

UNIVERSITY's support
RM 10k plus' allocation enable us to race comfy, good accommodation, nice food, and the most important thing... we have a dedicated officer Major Radzuan from the Air Force.
this guy is laden with life experience, and a very nice man. very humble, but firm with his decision.

12:06:34 is no joke... i'm now 19 years old, i'm gonna go faster next year=) still have ample time to improve=)the moment i realized i broke the record, i cried.. those pics below are the prove.

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