Friday, December 26, 2008

this few weeks i did my homework on reading others' blog. being a civilian, u can have ample time to train, but some of them might have financial problem to go races, or need car pooling. but in UPNM, transport not so troublesome since we have 3 tonner, we gotta squeeze our brain to do paperwork, and we need to follow the routine. so it is equal..
before buying bike stuff, i learned to study the "speed per ringgit"..
how much faster can i go if i spend this amount of money. an aero helmet can save up to 10 watts, but a time trial position can save 40 watt. change position only need an aero bar, but buying helmet might cost half a thousand. so u make the decision.
i've made mine..
i didn't buy helmet, neither time trial bike..
since 2005 when i was form 4, i involved in triathlon races.. not having a trisuit, i completed races with 5 ringgit thighs, 20 ringgit helmet, 100 ringgit bike.
all those stuff are cheaper than my giro indicator helmet!
NOW.. i bought 3 TRISUITS!!! haha some people might say i'm crazy..
2 Descente, and one pearl izumi.. the descente trisuit looks good, and the compression is just nice, very comfy. according to the suit's detail, it is aerodynamic and hydrodynamic.. how true it is, only result will proof..

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