Saturday, July 23, 2016

Intentionally Blank

Today is the 4th continuous day that I work over time. I always stay back and learn as much as I could. Even if it will take up my sports training time, I always put squadron's work as the priority. I am not those athletes who don't come for duty and totally ignore their work, leaving the office run by other people to cover their ass. Definitely I can workout a work life balance. I know I can commit to this kind of heavy workload, my endurance is really a gift. Working in the airwing expose me to better professionalism and working practice because I am surrounded with technician who gets their competency checked periodically! The maintenance culture is impressive, everyone helps each other, we are very proud to serve the air assets of Royal Malaysian Navy. Every single day I gain new knowledge, the learning curve climbs exponentially. 

UPNM Intake 2007 in RMN Air Wing

This year, I have a lot of goals set to be scored. I want to clear my Certificate of Competency board. I will be drilled and grilled inside out by the panels. I will give my best shot and pass as an air engineer. Next goal will be to trash my Ironman record. I always believe that I have not unleash my full potential in Ironman, my best time 12.09 is not my very best yet. This year, I aim to break it under 12 hours. At the same time, I am very eager to trash my marathon personal best 3 hours 38 mins, I walked for 10km before the finish line so I believe I could have done better. I guess the goals should stop here for this year, too much for me to chew.

 My working hours was never certain, so the stray cats' dinner are affected as well. Sometimes when I come back late around 10pm settling the aircraft's defect, they'd be waiting for me at the corridor and meow for food as they see me. One month they feed on 2 big bags of pellets, 3kg each! I am gonna feed them till they grow so fat and chubby =p Since the past 2 months, I made it a routine to pour cat pellets in a small container outside my room. So the cats sort of understood the routine already. I don't plan to own pets, just let them roam freely around the wardroom and come to me for food. I just hope they don't keep making babies after I feed their tummy full, or I will need to buy extra pellets every month.

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