Sunday, April 15, 2012


This morning i was shocked to see my Facebook notifications. I added a friend whom i deleted long time ago! The removal was for good reason anyway, and it is temporal. The problem arises when i did not even go to that person's profile to add! I have no idea how it happened, i dont see any reason why would anyone wish to hack my Facebook. There's nothing u can earn from my Facebook also.

The one little thing that make u happy, be prepared to hurt when losing it. U can get all the attention on earth but still feel empty inside. So the best is to keep things moderate and not feel attached to anyone.

Flowers at my garden are blooming very beautifully every single day. I posts them on Facebook to show them off :-P recently, I'm starting to give out stems of japanese roses to friends and neighbours since they like it so much :-) many of them offered me cash, but they're too close for me to take money from them. in future, this gardening thing might be a good side income! Who knows?:-)

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