Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome to the playground

This is what we do during our tapering week. I was told that this mussels exist in our lake by Major Kalam. I saw shells in his garden, initially I thought he got it from Sabah. The team was very excited digging up Lokan from the mud, and more and more of them picked up the skill to catch Lokan. =) This unplanned activity indirectly strengthen the bond among team mates. Our training for the past few weeks has tensed them up, but I know what am I doing as the team leader. So now, we'll relax our mind and body during the tapering week. 

need not to go waist deep to catch Lokan

Our fruitful catch wouldn't be meaningful without turning it into a super nice dish. So I went to Alya Catering Service which is our cafe now, and cooked the mussels like how I did in Sabah. My cooking tasted awful! I was a little downhearted because in my mind, Lokan has always been delicious. The next day, I've decided to let Syukri's aunty to cook it. She made a superb dish out of it. I didn't expect so many team members to turn out during the dinner, so 4 plates of Lokan was not enough. By the way, I didn't get the chance to take over the kitchen so easily=p I had to make a deal with the aunty, and I ended up revealing one of my top secrets! =p Normally when I need to organize functions, I'd prefer dealing with Aunty or Aidil... 

This week is the time when all team members spend time joking and laughing at one another. In this team sport, mutual understanding and strong rapport is too important. The more quality time we spend together, the better our cooperation will be. 

 Yummy =) 
kayaking session turned camouflage session. Aiman and Kicap dug out the water weeds, then decorated their kayak. Since the day we found Lokan, every kayaking session wouldn't complete without bringing back a big rug sack of Lokan. we even distributed it to our instructor =) Since Alya Catering gave us really good service, today's catch will be sent to them to cook =) Weeks ago I told my team no fried food till the race ended, that was to keep their body at maximum performance. BUT, I ordered chicken chop for tonight's function since they want it so badly. It's time to let go the string a little. Let them have some fun =)

Tomorrow morning a few more teams will arrive UPNM with their best 35 participants. After registration, we will know when will be our flag off time. Our team promise a tough competition to make the champion a worthy winner. This Eco Challenge will be the last one for most of the seniors, and I can guarantee they will race till drop dead to defend our pride as National Defence University which produces tough Officers and Gentlemen. we want this race to be remembered! Let's pray for the best.

Last but not least, welcome to the playground. 
A playground where only tough kids can survive

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