Monday, October 24, 2011


Pyramid's Capstone

For the past 7 days I've been pumping myself with lots of good food. KFC, cold drinks, red meat, oily fried Yau Cha Kuai, and also the infamous Bak Kut Teh. To be very frank, I don't blame myself. It's people around me who dragged me along with them wanting me to enjoy my life. Haha.

Yesterday I hanged out with a bunch of really friendly and funny people. It's totally different compare to my military environment. Having fun in life is a must, but right now I'm performance oriented kind of person. I wanna make good use of this young and energetic period to achieve glorious moment in life. I'm putting aside joy, and work hard to gain life experience so that I'll have lots of stories to be shared when I'm old.

As a competitive athlete, reduction of risk and uncertainties is the key to great performance. However, one thing still yet to be mastered. I'm extremely vulnerable when come race period. Without mental toughness, I can never win any game. When I'm highly motivated, u will see outstanding performance.

Emotions is like a capstone of an athletes' pyramid. The gigantic structure of pyramid, has got a weakness. At the topmost of a pyramid, a capstone is placed to provide pressure strong enough to hold all other stones down under it. Despite being one of the tiniest stone, capstone can never be neglected.

Like an athlete, brain is at the topmost of a body. Brain must be in top form to do well in races. Probably this theory doesn't apply to all people, this applies to me.

U will be shocked to know my capstone. Trust me.
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