Thursday, September 15, 2011

MUDS Pre Race Clinic

3 months ago before, I had the intention to share my experience and knowledge on duathlon with more people. I know Malakoff University Duathlon Series (MUDS) will be my very best platform to conduct a talk on endurance racing. I didn't have the confidence at first, and I discussed this with a few of my very close friends and team mates. I doubted myself. will people listen to me? am I experienced and qualified enough to talk in public? can I do it well?

thanks to their constant support and encouragement, I finally voiced out my idea to race director Melody Tan. thanks to the person who checked my slides for Science of Injury Free Running too =)

this year will be my final year racing as a student, I wanna make it meaningful. for many years the topics have been very basic and easy to understand, so this year I will bring it to the next level, more detail and technical.

I will talk on
Race Preparations and Science of Injury Free Running.
Ironman and Ultraman
standing next to me is Kannan Murugasan, an Ultraman. just in case u don't know what Ultraman is, Ultraman is 3 times Ironman distance to be completed in 3 days time.
I'm a 3 times Ironman Finisher, he did triple Ironman distance in one shot!
this year, both of us will conduct the talk in 3 different universities. I hope combination of us both will enlighten more new athletes and give them a good start in endurance racing.

today I enlighten 10 athletes, those 10 athletes will help 100 more athletes, the 100 athletes will share the knowledge with a thousand athletes. the cycle will go on and on.

Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here

during my industrial training I got a reminder from a friend. since then I've been typing the word "humble" every single day, till today. this is one thing that I'm still learning.


Artakus said...

upload ur slide in ur blog later after d least we can read it from here.. hehe thanks.

Chan Jun Shen said...

uploaded =)