Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shoes Seeking

folded all the mattresses and stripped off pillow cases and bedsheets.
Homemade cookies by Dr Shima to my mum.
KL is always happening. going out alone feel so carefree and no worries.

still haven't decide which shoes will be my racing shoes. the problem with me is, I was from Iron distance racer converting myself to a sprinter=p went to new balance just now, and the shopkeeper asked me "how far do u normally run? half or 10km?"
I find it hard to answer his question, so I smiled and said "all distances"
I did my homework, and studied about shoes. and I believe I know better, unless they're part time athlete. If i open up a shoes shop, I'll make sure my workers all join running event at least once a month. theoretically understand characteristics of shoes is not enough to make u a good adviser!

I was eying for this speed demon
BUT, it can lasts for less than 100km. furthermore, it costs RM270 after discount.
that means, after Powerman this shoes will be decommissioned from active duty.
Bad boy Baddeley can lasts more than 1000km, and light enough to be my race shoes, good stability too=) However, it is a bit bulky and the sole will not have nice grip on wet surface.
Asics shoes on sale at KLCC.
after hours of headache looking for shoes, I'm considering to downgrade. my Asics Gel DS Trainer 15 will be my race shoes, and i'll get myself a heavier bulkier cheaper training shoes.
New Balance 1300 is definitely out of my list because of its very stiff forefoot cushion despite breathable top area and featherlight.
might be a good choice to make this shoes my training shoes.
now i see the problem when I intended to get myself training shoes, and i bought a too good one.
so now i gotta buy a lighter weight, moderate stability, and breathable racing shoes. the cushion cannot be too thick, coz I'm a runner who love to shower during races to cool down my overheating engine. after the water seeps into my shoes, I gotta run with 1kg of water in my shoes.
I like this one very much, similar to Zoot. provide good midfoot support and very soft sockliner, good for socks-less runner. The only problem is, lousy sole. I bet I'll fall if the track is covered with moss.
explaining to the boys how to get the Air Borne wing.
How i wish my instructors all as dedicated as Warrant Officer Hayazi.
He led the Royal Malay Regiment to perform marching at Buckingham Palace.

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stupeed demon said...

don't believe anyone who tells you that a running can only last for 100km! even for a race shoe, 100km is very, very bad mileage unless you are running on sand paper or something similar. the 1100 isn't even considered a superlight racer and i do know of people who train in it. i personally believe that the way you run has more bearing on shoe durability than what is claimed by some shoe salesman or catalogue. since you consider yourself to have good form 500km or more is not out of the question. of course, of that figure only half might be from actual racing, since a racer can be used as a training shoe after you retire it ;)


Chan Jun Shen said...

Racing shoes shouldn't be used as training shoes. that's the mistake i made and caused me injury. hmm i guess u might be right, a race shoes can last more than 100km. based on my experience, everytime after marathon, the sole just hardened and the pillow feel just disappear. so can throw it away after every marathon=p haha

pgkia88 said...

Imagine if shop owner start hiring runners or proffesional to sell shoes, what will the price be? Will you work for under rm1.5k a month in a shoe shop yourself? So i think, the responsibility lies to us runners ourself to choose the best shoes we think suits us. The sales people can only explain the product from their product cataloq. Just the same with car salesman

Chan Jun Shen said...

pgkia88, running events normally held during weekends, so it won't affect the working hours. professional runners can still earn side income out of working in shoes shops. and i attended a sports conference, a few Professors suggested that sports can become one of a money making industry in many ways, but it's just hard to happen in Malaysia. i do agree with u though, we are the end user, we should have good knowledge=)