Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 27:Familiar Scent

4th June.
my life in Penang is like a sinusoidal wave. now definitely not at the peak.
went home with Alvin and told him i'm feeling down and i'm gonna do something fun.
so we started bidding in Superbid.
I won this item for him. we saved 100 bucks.

5th June
waited few minutes later and i bid this item, gonna be my new toy to record my cycling route=)
so Alvin and I got our own toys to play with=)

went to the bus stop to get ticket for my weekend escapade.
i walked pass the ticket counter and i sniffed a very very familiar scent. i looked down feeling sad at first coz it is so impossible that she will be there. we stopped talking for almost a week already. is a long lonely week for me. to my surprise, i turned back and saw her waiting for bus standing one meter apart from me. everything happens for a reason. now we talk again and will be the end of cold war. =)
after my lonely man's noodle dinner, Micheal and family brought me to Nasi Kandar Pelita. it tasted really good with various type of gravy mixed together.

inspired by Mango Lassi at Pelita, Micheal bought Mangoes to mix with Jasmine's homemade yoghourt. i give 2 thumbs up, a lot nicer than the one in Pelita with a little bit our sourly taste.
immediately flashback what Micheal told me few days back "life must have sweet and sour."
this week, 2 girls deleted me from their blog list. i wonder how and i wonder WHY???

i'm stuffed with good food throughout my stay, this morning i looked at the mirror...
my goodness, my cheek look like Ethan's cheek already... i think i put on weight.

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everything happens for a reason.

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Dennis Hilario said...

interesting noodle you got there

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