Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 8: Igniting Engine

Alvin showed me this highway along the beach, i got so excited and here is my disappointing first ride. battling against super strong head wind and squeezing myself to maximum aggressive aero position was not pleasant at all. felt even sadder seeing my pathetic legs struggling to keep the pace above 40km/h. it then started to rain, called it a day.
average 34km/h, 10km
Alvin brought me to Mengkuang Dam, showing all the nice places for me to jog and train for marathon.
half bird duck rice costs only RM13 at Bukit Mertajam

both Alvin and I cleaned up the whole house, as he said "military standard". most guys staying alone will never have the initiative to clean up the house, he is so different. I have to keep up with the "stand by bed" standard since he is very particular about cleanliness.

in the evening, i felt not satisfied for doing so badly this morning.
revenge of the fallen, i sprinted maximum speed 51km/h recording the average of 37km/h for 20km. i felt strong after taking Bukit Mertajam duck rice.
probably duck thighs are powerful to hammer pedal.=p

i'm expecting average of 40km/h some time soon.

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