Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 6: Defeated another machine

caltex pumping diesel into the 2500m3 tank since yesterday. both tank can only last for less than 3 days.
they normally run by gas, diesel is an alternate source of fuel.
so proud of being an internship student in the one and only single shaft combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Malaysia.
bought a bigger syringe to inject asam jawa and lemon into the prawn.
it tasted not as nice as what i imagined.
cooked dinner for Jamie as she'll be sitting for test tomorrow, eating out will be waste of time and money. i'm so broke right now. i rather stay home and eat my healthy athlete's dinner=p
cheap and healthy.
Slippery floor, crocs are not allowed! =p
went down to the pool dipping my painful feet. getting blisters on both feet.
after dinner with Jamie, i went to the gym. honestly i have no idea how to operate these equipments. after 10 minutes on the stationary bike, i just realized i was doing 85% intensity which has exceeded the lactate threshold. no wonder i had a tough time hammering the pedals. anyway, i defeated the machine. i scored maximum level 16, can't go any higher.

sustained speed 16 zero incline on treadmill for 5minutes, both feet feeling super hot as i was running barefooted. i wonder why i don't make good use of my sport science knowledge. read a lot but hardly apply, especially since i came here.
did all the stupid stuff, i went out of my condo with crocs, and cycled with crocs, ran barefooted. what has gone wrong with me?

those are the symptoms of IRONMAN turning humbleMAN..

hope the 30 minutes exercise will make me sleep better.

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