Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Bike

Since 4 months back i have been looking for a new bike after selling off my CSK Pharmacia which costs me more than 7k for full set up, including the Zipp 404. i was half hearted to sell my bike which followed me since my maiden Ironman till my 3rd Ironman, and brought me to the transition fast and made me the Malakoff Power Bar University Duathlete of the year.

after the appendisectomy operation, i need to have ample rest period for better healing. selling the bike might be good as i will never have the chance to ride. furthermore, final exam was very close. i rather focus on my finals.

finally, sold to Lim Shimri. he is a junior of mine, seeing his strong will to strive for excellence and the speed demon in him, he is the right guy to ride my bike. i don't want a lousy unfit rider to ride on my CSK, and i want a rider who will take good care of the bike.

during the 4 months surveying for bikes, what i did was went online,, and so many asian bike webs searching for a suitable bike.
my requirement is simple, the new bike must be lighter than the old bike, better groupset, seat tube angle 75 and above, light wheelset, and total set up must be lower than 9kgs.

i considered Quintana Roo Seduza, Specialized Transition, Giant TCR, Fondriest, Orbea and some Carbon Bikes from China. most of the frames have steep seat tube angle. seat tube angle above 75 will allow better transition from cycling to running, which favors a triathlete.
i am a triathlete, so far, i did only one road race.
Polygon Helios 700
full carbon model 2011
Polygon Helios 560 Triathlon
mix groupset of Tiagra Crank and Brake, Dura Ace shifter, 105 RD
one thing special about this bike is the wheelset, Cosmic Carbone !!!

wide variety of cycling shoes, mostly road shoes.
choices of saddle depending on riding style and flexibility
kid's stuff
i have been reading a lot about bike frames, groupset, and wheels. this time i will be spending every single cent of my hard earned salary on a bike! yes, every single cent!
my parents were there, to help me bargain=p
what i have is bike knowledge, but parents have wisdom. more experience in life, so it's good to have them assist me.

actually, i never thought of owning a full carbon bike. this is like a dream come true.
why this bike?
for size 48, the seat tube angle is 75. it's a tri geometry but it's a road bike.
full set up around 7.8kg, light enough for me to climb.
the rim, Ksyrium Elite model 2011 weigh 1.55kg per pair, bladed spoke my favorite.
5 years warranty for frame, 1 year for Mavic Wheels and Shimano Parts.

had a really long chat with Eric, his vast knowledge about bikes really impressed me=)
he told me "no point using high profile wheels if u're not biking at 35km/h"
i have yet to achieve average of 35km/h for long ride. to sustain that speed for 40km pancake flat might be feasible, but for IM? it will burn my legs to pedal average of 35km/h in Ironman.
i actually did that last year, only lasted for one loop. stupid mistake.
Farid setting up my bike, correcting the shifting of RD and putting on 105 pedals.
i would love to have a Dura Ace pedal, but 600 plus for a pair of pedals is just too much for me.
smooth shifting after tuning
wider handle bar compare to my old bike, feel more comfortable with it.
gained some bike maintenance knowledge from Jimmy and Farid=)
Lowered down the handle bar.
I'm still young and flexible, i have no problem bending down for more aero position, and of course comfy is utmost priority.
fixing Cateye Strada Cadence.
a speedometer with cadence enable me to monitor my leg rotation speed when cycling on a trainer during rainy days.

my mum trying out Dahon foldable bike.

Shimano 105 pedal, RM 203
Strada Cadence RM 133
UFO Topeak Bike light, 360 degree blinker for better safety. RM 80
aero helmet, Kevin Siah bought it from Australia at quite cheap price.
another dream come true=)
here is my first ride. i felt good, and i wasn't sure if it's because i maintained my strength on the bike, or because the bike is fast. i have never ridden on any road bike or seriously train for nearly 4 months! i rode MTB less than 4 times, that also no more than 10km each session.
white bottle cage suits the clean white frame=)
Schwlabe, used by Schleck Brothers in Tour De France
come with Mavic Ksyrium Elite model 2011, love the bladed spoke very much=)

snap fit bottom bracket for better aerodynamic and lighter weight.
finally, Cateye Stada to monitor my speed and cadence.

today's ride, i was wearing Aero Helmet. i rode 38km/h at Dewan Dato' Jamil just like my previous training session when i was in good form. i honestly don't think that the Aero Helmet can reduce my work load that much to achieve 38km/h. neither do i believe that the lightness of the bike made me faster.

I think...

this bike is relatively smaller than my old bike, so i have an edge in smaller frontal area for better aerodynamic. the pedaling was super smooth, must be the snap fit ceramic bearing. can't be the Ksyrium Elite right?

overall, i feel comfortable with this bike. the result of my first ride is just beyond expectation. i will do another bike fit some time soon, as i believe riding posture is more important than aerodynamic.

whole bike including accessories are all 2011 model. according to Jimmy i'm one of the first to use this model. am i dreaming?


K3vski said...

Wah cantik, all white and shiny! Good that you got used to the bike so quickly and smoothly. I took a while before my Felt started working for me, kinda like starting on a relationship, must get to know each other first hehe.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

white and shiny is hard to maintain. Eric told me that the bike should fit me rather than me trying to fit the bike. so girls should suit guys=p
yours is Felt DA right?

K3vski said...

Noler, only Felt B2R.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

Kevin, wanna ask u.. can a TT bike participate in road races?

K3vski said...

Depends on organizer I supposed. Some might allow you to take part but won't allow you to use the TT bars except for changing gears only.

I've used it here before for group ride events, but it's not actually a race. There were also other bikes, hybrid, MTB etc. taking part.

But for a UCI sanctioned road race, probably not.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

i was very surprised when the mechanics in Rodalink told me that TT bikes are allowed to Race road.
it's quite dangerous to be in aero position when come to group rides, any sudden change of direction or emergency brake, the whole peloton will crash...

wish said...

mind telling me where you got thoose strada cadence bro...thanks

Chan Jun Shen said...

Rodalink bangsar=)