Saturday, January 8, 2011

9 seconds faster

6th Jan
went to the gym for strength training, not building up bulky biceps or muscular upper body like what all other cadets going after. from foundation year till now, i don't see any significant improvement in my running speed. it's time to bring it to the next level. i always feel reluctant to start any intervals or strength training, i hate the feeling of gasping for air and muscle soreness after every session. i would prefer running at stable pace for long distance, coz i like to day dream and talk to myself when i run long. those multistation machines were unoccupied when i went there, no body wants to build lower body, and that favors me. after one hour strength training, can feel the soreness in my lower body muscles. no pain no gain=)

7th Jan
5 loops of UPNM. clocked 27minutes 53 seconds. i was 9 seconds faster. i was so focused on eco challenge for the past 2 weeks, didn't really have time to train my run. surprisingly, i'm now 9 seconds faster than my previous personal best. am looking forward for the next time trial=)

15th of December, seniors in the team will be commissioned.
Congratulations to Tuan Hisham in advance for getting the Best Navy Cadet award.
4 of us intake 2007 except the 2 chicks

after haircut

2 shirts match with one tie

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