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UPNM Inter Battalion Eco Challenge

my story

my team, manned by 40 guys and ladies. Salman trained them for 2 weeks, day and night preparation. a day before race, i prepared the best nutrition plan, Nasri organized juniors for the layout packs and guns. Tuan Mat Dan, CO Hasif, farahi and amirul discussed the game plan. everybody played their part. i'm very sure everybody has got their story to share, here is mine.
juniors preparing the layout pack
the juniors, all extremely fit. honestly i had to push myself to keep up with them today. i'm a 3 times Ironman finisher, i can't be left behind, it'll scratch my pride. as a senior, i should show good example to gain respect. they're all in good condition. very first challenge, lari bersama 5 balak. amirul pulled out last minute because of fever and replaced by amir. he will be my partner for running with log. we ran super fast and the first to drop the log at the check point. gave my Power Gel to him since he doesn't have one. Tuan Shahrin will be the front runner.
walked up Sri Kinabalu, running up the steep slope will increase heart rate to zone 5, easily. not worth it, so we walked. slowly we increased the pace, everybody carries total load of almost 15kg for 10kg backpack, 3kg styer AUG, water bottle and webbing set.

the guys, carrying ladies' backpack, making their total load more than 25kg each. yea we have 4 ladies in the team. here is my view, all cadets disregard gender receive same amount of pay monthly. don't u think that we should all experience the exact amount of training load, be treated equally? however, we're trained to be not just officer, but also a gentleman. so i don't mind carrying ladies' pack if they show some effort to keep up with the pace.

at the construction side, Zubaidah collapsed. all the good food that i had, i poured into her mouth and made her swallow everything. gave her plain water. Mazhar, CO Hasif and I were there to support them. she looked pale, and can hardly open her eyes. after eating those supplements, she could start running. i already mentioned in the briefing that good food will power u to run fast and prevent u from collapsing. we were so happy to see her start running and her lips are red now. 3 of us took turn to support her by holding her arm and carried her pack and gun.

Salman the mastermind

she fell on the ground many times, knelt down and started talking nonsense. she needed to be refueled. the officers told us to bring her to medic as she couldn't continue the race anymore. Salman passed me his pack, and a set of webbing, and his gun. Salman carried her, he tried so many ways, horse and jockey, darling carry, fireman lift, just name any method. so my total load will be 30kg. hell yeah, more than half of my weight. i always hold on to biar badan kecik, tapi semangat mesti kuat. it was the strong will that kept me going. i know my team mates all waiting for us at the front.

in a team, a chain is only as strong as its broken link. and i always want to be those strong links rather than a rust and broken link who fails the whole chain. now we have a rust and broken link.

the team including 3 ladies were 10 minutes ahead of us, the fastest Battalion so far. but 3 of us were at the back supporting her. at my deepest disappointment, she collapsed and was sent to the medic. at each and every obstacles, we will be heavily penalty because of her. the new monkey rack which i fell days ago, i told myself that i have to overcome my fear. Today, with heavier pack and gun, i successfully crossed all obstacles without fail.

new monkey rack, only people with monkey fist can pass=p
the very first monkey rack which made me fall.

saw my team mates at the RMC bus stop, took a break to sip some 100 plus. refueled myself and started running when Salman caught me up. took another gun from Mazhar, then ran with all i might to the boat house. i want to end this as soon as possible. still feeling strong and fresh, mazhar and I shared the same kayak.

then come the assault boat. boat is meant to be used as water transportation, when u bring it up on land, the load that u gotta bear, is crazy. total weight of 270kg, to be carried by 10 men at one time, it requires high level cooperation. it make no sense to carry that boat, but indirectly builds up team spirit.

i did my best, and i'm not the broken link. thanks guys, proud to be part of the team. despite we didn't make it to be the champion, but we pushed ourselves to the limit. at least i contributed something to my battalion. Go Lekir!

got 2 trophies for swimming competition, didn't make me happy at all. i want that watch!

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