Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Bike Hunt

Bike Hunt 1 in KL - Joo Ngan

Full carbon, TT set up, Rear Disc.
combination of 105, Dura Ace and Ultegra


Bike Hunt 1 is not as interesting as Bike Hunt 2 in Penang. i didn't have enough time to check on other shops in KL as my holiday is ending soon, and i roughly know the price KL is selling. I will either go Penang or JB for my next bike hunt.

decided to go Penang, sambil menyelam minum air=p

Bike Hunt 2
5 hours journey from KL to sg Nibong. i was so bored on the bus, even games in my HTC couldn't help. i ended up playing with 2 cute little China girls. reached Penang about 2pm, Black came to fetch me, the beginning of Bike Hunt 2. yeeha!

Black and his friend. they have been staying in Penang for years but they don't know the existence of all these bike shops. i have 20 bike shops in my list, half of them in Georgetown. because of time constrain, Georgetown will be my hunting ground.

saw this Giant support car by the road side after going round and round Lebuh China, king, carnavon and bla bla.. she is the malaysian Giant dealer anyway. penang is like a maze, small roads and serious traffic congestion. we're on motor bikes, swift and fast. so, the next time i come again, motorbike will be my legs to move around.

Giant Trinity selling at RM 5929.
combination of Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105.
good thing about this bike is, the price is quite reasonable for a TT bike, come with aero wheels and aero bar, nice saddle with a total weight of 9.7kg.

Scott Plasma CR1 selling at 10K

Quintana Roo Caliente. a full carbon Tri bike with aero tubing everywhere. selling below 9K.

a picture speaks a thousand words. see for yourself.

Litespeed was one of the top titanium bike maker, now all the frames are made of carbon. this is the Archon C3, 12.5K market price.

i won't spend this much on a helmet.

beware of the fake China made Power balance which will never help u to improve stability.

Kids' bike. this shop is full of Meridas.
the Merida in KL is a lot cheaper than Penang.

CJS : how much are u selling 11 speed groupset?
Mechanic : Haaa??? 7 speed ka???
CJS : No, i was saying 11 speed.

saw a boy with the father came in with kid's bike. it's a mountain bike with deore shifters, and suspension system at the seat tube. they sent the bike for refit. change stem and handle bar, and truing the wheels and rear derailleur. when i was his age, i never know that stem and handle bar come in various sizes. for a kid's bike the dad willing to spend this much? i know his financial status. either super rich, or the kid is really good in MTB.

Fixed gear the new trend for teen. i'm not interested at all, we triathletes are speed demons.

black and me were on motorbike all the time, on our way from shop to shops, we're stopped by the police. showed them out BAT C 10, settled everything.

Motor kecik ni pun kena bayar tiket kat Queensbay mall.

Team Total Field selling Power Bars.

New Balance 706. nice eh?

for girls

for guys

lesson learned. Island to butterworth, no need to pay for ferry.
Chong Ming, Jamie and Roselyn awaiting me at the bus stop. was surprised to see him driving land rover. haha

Jamie's cooking. me likey...

pushed off to KL the next day. 2 days in Penang was short, wish the trip could be longer. being in Penang is like dream come true. all my transportation, accommodation and food well taken care. a very big thank u to Jamie Ng, Chong Ming, Joanne, and Mat Black.

time passes so fast. alright, back to reality. going back to UPNM in 5 hours time. and final exams awaiting. reality is painful.

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