Thursday, June 24, 2010

16th - 24th June

19th June early morning, followed the Kelab Sukan Lasak's runners for a 15km time trial. first loop was stable and i didn't push very hard because i don't know their tactics. then the next loop, left me and Nizam. we started to pull each other, then slowly i couldn't keep up with his pace. so i stopped. 2 loops of base run for 43mins 34 secs.

next day went out with Quek and Yab JB... here are few pictures i snapped in Lumut town.

the same old fun fair since i was 4 years old, the same ghost house, marry go round and games.
one old man selling Raja Kayu...

monday evening, after settled all the paperwork, was suppose to drop the letter request for a visit to the Boustead Naval Shipyard at the admin office. tomorrow will be the visit, so if the letter fail to reach BNS admin office, the visit will be canceled. Helmi and i walked all the way from Fakulti Kejuruteraan till BNS and then submit the letter to Mr Firdaus.
day one put on PPA
intend to walk back to KDSI, but heavy downpour stopped us. we walked from location 4 to the canteen. ended up we had our lunch with our wet uniform. Helmi's father is in the dockyard, so we made good use of this connection to organize this visit. obstacles after obstacles, we finally made it to BNS the next day.
here is the model of LCS, will be Malaysia's 2nd generation patrol vessel

our visit to PV6 was very quick but interesting. being able to personally go on board the ship while she is being built is totally whole new experience. i've been on board the ready made PV1 made in Germany, now on board PV6 which is still under construction. the PV6 look so mess up with all the wiring all over the place, and in few months time they successfully build a new generation warship.Hemli and I, as u can see, every thing is still under construction. wires everywhere.
the Decoy...
exchange of memento
the next day...

Damage Control Fire Fighting.
Akmal and few others taking picture with the hydrant.
Damage Control Fire Fighting is a crucial drill where every navy personnel must be able to fight fire on board navy vessel CORRECTLY. we have a variety of fire fighting equipment, by using the correct tool, damage can be reduced.
juniors with the Fearnaut suit and Breathing Apparatus.
Attack party with BA came out from the engine room. failed to put off the fire.
support party is required to enter. water wall, fire fighter and team leader will play their role.
team leader report to me, they successfully put off the fire, one man will station there for sentry. just in case the fire lights up again, he will report to the DCHQ.
next exercise will be damage control. we entered the simulator for flooding simulation. Hemli requested for full swing 15 degree. once we got in there, we listen to the sonar ping and engine sound of merchant ships. all of a sudden a strong hit and explosion hit our ship! the simulation was so real!
damage control is not an easy task. to plug in the wood wedge into the crack is a big challenge. within few minutes the whole compartment already filled with cloudy water, and water came in from every single hole despite we tried our best to patch it.
our final day at Fakulti Kejuruteraan, dining out.


Stupe said...

Keep it coming. You are making me regret not joining the services.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

surely will=)
civilian and military are equally tempting=p