Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Advice from Mr Ngae

this picture was taken 3 years back when i was training my very first IM. during IM08, i had a huge gap between me and Mr Ngae. we ended up crossing the finish line together because my run was getting worse.

CJS = Chan Jun Shen
Ngae = Mr Ngae

CJS : why i always see u in kasut getah? any scientific explanation?
Ngae : i normally run bare footed because i like to feel the earth, i'm used to it already. i remember last time in desaru, the road was getting hotter and hotter and i was barefoot at that time, i have no choice but to run with slipper.

CJS : how do u find Bukit Besi?
Ngae : i think this is a great training for ironman, i have do this one more time.. (that was his first and his last)

CJS : how tough is the Sahara Desert Ultra Marathon?
Ngae : itz very tough. i did it with Dr Tan, it took me 6 months training to counter the shoulder pain when running with heavy bag pack. but i still have shoulder pain despite months of proper training. i also participate the Indian temple annual ultra marathon from KL to Maran (if i'm not mistaken). they'll always invite me to go. if u're going for Sahara, remember to buy your shoes 2 size bigger. u'll get blister as the sand goes into your shoes during the race and have to wrap up your feet with bandage, and your shoes can't fit anymore if u bought actual size.

CJS : any participants died during the race?
Ngae : i saw a japanese girl crying during the race as the blister is getting worse. the race was very mentally challenging. remember to buy the custom made bag pack specially designed for the marathon. i'll show u one day ( ended up i didn't have the chance to see his pack.

CJS : how did u started IM??
Ngae : last time i played golf for the sake of pleasing the clients, but i didn't really enjoy it. so i shifted to endurance racing, i like to sweat. every time i travel, i'll sleep on the floor. i'm used to it already. when i was small, i stayed in kampong area and we sleep on the floor. i like the hard surface.

his personal reminder for me...

Ngae : don't push yourself too hard for IM, u're still very young. i hope to see u race consistently. i see many people too eager to improve IM record, they ended up quit within few years time. remember, u're young man, still have time for u to keep improving. be patient.


Kam said...

He mentioned to me about sleeping on the floor. Whenever he traveled for races, he slept on the floor. He not used with a mattress.

aimanhalim said...

" Ngae : don't push yourself too hard.... still very young.. consistent.. be patient. "
this will be my inspiration for my training. May you rest in peace Mr Ngae.