Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 years in UPNM

this whole week i've been standing by the pool side as life saver, taught the juniors to swim for 4 hours and changed them from"batu" to "kayu", and pulled few almost drowned fellas to the side. as the life saver standing by the side, i kept shouting at them telling them to relax and taught them how to float themselves.

seeing those who struggled in the water, i feel like helping them, but i'm not a superman, time is running out and so many cadets doing the swim test. however, when i see those sinkers managed to float themselves when i told them to relax and take a deep deep breath, and they managed to float for 3 minutes and passed the swim test, no body understands how happy i was=)

yesterday was the hardest day for me this year, now i'm over it. today i feel great.
here i would like to congratulate those who passed the swim test. to those who didn't do so well, u guys are so close to pass the test. better luck next time=) i'm willing to help anybody to pass the test. i'm not a national swimmer, but i can make u pass the swim test. those who need my help, when u guys see me in the pool, feel free to approach me and ask whatever u wanna ask. i'll try my level best to help.

i've been inspired by many great people around me, will play my part to help others in return=)

today, i'm officially 3 years in UPNM. things happen too quick. i had hard times and sweet memories here, everything worth. i gained experience traveling from place to place, establish strong esprit de corp with most batch mates, successfully completed 3 Ironmans and fulfilled my dreams, and i will also remember those who betrayed me. the harsh and bitter part need to be remembered as reference to face future challenges. experience is a painful teacher, and i gained priceless experience in UPNM. may i smooth sailing in the future and achieve my goal.

this week, more than 12 tubs of Power Bar recovery sold out. so many juniors ordered from me=) during this high intensity military training, u really need proper recovery so that u feel great the next day and push yourselves to the limit.

TODAY, the navy people of UPNM voted me to be the CO for this semester's Latihan Ketenteraan Perkhidmatan. i'm a bit nervous. however, my father is a great seaman, i have the seaman's blood flowing in my vein=p may i be a good CO and lead them well through out the 3 weeks. i sincerely hope everything goes well and i can get their cooperation during the training. HOPEFULLY, i serve them well as their leader. promise to do my very best and u guys please bring me up to speed, we can discuss if there's any misunderstanding.

remember, we are thinking soldiers. use your brain...


ilya syafeena said...

all the best to you! :)

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

thanks=) have we met before?