Friday, April 23, 2010

Papa's Birthday

this is my father. tomorrow will be his birthday... being the head of our family, he has been doing a great job all this while, in every aspect.

looking at his list of achievement, i honestly doubt if i'll be able to make it when i'm his age. i'm lack of one thing- his working attitude. during my days in primary school, he went UKM to pursue his degree in MBA. he went for night classes, and work during day time. whenever i asked mama, she'll say "papa went for night class". i always wonder why have to go night class? and when i attend his graduation for both Masters and Degree, innocent me really didn't know how hard it is to get into University and successfully graduated.

working hours-he is a true sailor who commanded 4 ships from the Patrol Craft to the New Generation Patrol Vessel.
at home- he set a good example for all the 3 of us and made significant positive changes in our life.

year 1997, i didn't finish my homework in SJK(C) Lai Meng, 30 over pages of writing Chinese Characters left undone. so teacher complained to my parents and made them come to school. i did embarrassed them few times...

year 2002 was very meaningful to me. got the letter to further study in RMC, was reluctant to go. at that time, who isn't afraid of RMC"s ragging right? i was only 13 at that time! he passed me the offer letter during my birthday, which was a great hit to me. but now, i'm totally different compared to the old days. without RMC, i'm not gonna cross Ironman finishing line for 3 times successively.

so now, being a kacang tak lupakan kulit, i think i need to write this post, to remind myself and as an appreciation to my father for making great changes in my life, molding me to a better man.
this is my organization, manned by 4 military man and 2 ladies

he drives from Lumut to KL every week just to meet up with his 3 naughty kids and lovely wife. kadang2 rasa bersalah jugak kalau tak balik rumah...

my father was the first to graduate from Royal Military College, followed by me and Jun Win, Jun Kwan will be next. Jun Kwan's graduation from RMC will definitely make him proud and will be our family's pride.
now i'm in the Navy, like father like son...
my loyal supporters...

mama already organized present for him, we'll just share the present. wanted to buy gadgets since he likes high tech stuff very much, but mama said not worth it. so we'll just follow her coz i think she is making the right decision, she knows him better.

last but not least...

May be be well and happy, stay full speed ahead in your carrier and continue to inspire us with your achievements.


missalya hamed said...

baru baca entry tuan yang ni.

keep up a good work k..

may god bless u n ur family!


OP Chan Jun Shen said...

ayah aku yg birthday, mesti la kena post.. haha.
thanks for the wish anyway=)