Thursday, March 18, 2010

wonderful thurday night...

what a wonderful thurday night. was suppose to have Prep at right after dinner, ended up show parade then change parade. all the Lekirs surely know why... u know who is on duty.
everything started with 200 jumping jack before the sport starts. itz a good warming up.


did a change parade because few juniors came down late. from planters to Battle order.
i'm not suppose to wear battle order to go prep. but in UPNM, anything is possible=) *grins*
thursday night normally the Muslims will have tahlil, but the mosque under renovation, so no tahlil. one junior collapsed when running to the cadet's mess. had my "nutritious" dinner prepared by Cadet's Mess.

in the evening, i PLANNED to study tonight. i covered few thermodynamics questions before going back, tonight i plan to do more revision. i ended up in Battle order, the night will not be peaceful till 2359H all lights off. have u ever heard of :
"if u fail to plan, u plan to fail?"

then if somebody failed your plan, who fail? lu pikir la sendiri...
time to study, just a post as remembrance how my cadet life is like.

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