Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chan Jun Win

here is the picture of my younger brother Chan Jun Win.
he is a rank holder in RMC, with Senior Under Officer's rank and 3 pointer top scorer.
to compare with me, he will soon overtake me. whatever achievement that i have in RMC, he has it, even better.

not many SUO can score good grades. SUO are good in leadership but average in studies.
this picture of SUO ALPHA COMPANY is a living evidence that SUO can score straight A's.
didn't get the chance to see him at Dewan Tun Templer, i was in the Cineplex attending the Power Bar Team Excel press conference..

to all the teachers in RMC...
cikgo hamidon, ma'am Law, ma'am saw bin, Mr TC ng, mike mahen, cikgu hairul, mr fok, ma'am huda...
u guys just did a great job during my time, may be my batch mates were very naughty and most of the time made the teachers angry, but great teachers=great result.
i don't deny that not all my teachers are good. some just attend the class for the sake of being present, some got moody out of a sudden and budak boy become the victim..

if i were to list out all the good deeds u have done to me, i don't think i can finish it by end of this week. i'll just list down few meaningful ones...

Mr TC ng...
we were very very sleepy in the class, the night before we have to shine senior's shoe and wash their clothes, some times kena ragging. but Mr TC Ng will let us sleep for 30 minutes, then we promise him to stay awake for 15 minutes. haha such a bad deal right? but he made us all score A in his subject!=)

Mr Hamidon,
taught me EST for less than 2 months. brought all the eggs and stuff just to let us have better understanding. his effort to educate budak boys is truly amazing.

Mr Hairul..
he is a james bond. he knows everything...

Mr mike mahen
he stays highly motivated at ALL time! he provide us with great notes, effective, and easy to understand. the most important is, he never gave up on us... Sir, u aimed for 100% A, but ended up 97% A. to me this is too good already.

Mr Fok,
Kimia forever, super smart teacher who can answer all chemistry questions. need not to refer to books when answering your questions!=D

Ma'am Law,
she taught me 4 consecutive years! since i was a new boy till i become super senior form 5.
she mold me into what i am today=) band 5 is not the best, but for me i would say itz good enough. thanks a lot ma'am=) i used to stack piles of books infront of me during new boy and hide from the teachers, coz i need some sleep... haha

ma'am huda,
my guru squad. always take good care of us, bought us food and anything that we need.
asyik2 sayang malight lebih.. unfair...=p

ma'am saw bin
u're such a good bio teacher that what u taught me through out the 2 years in 4 Beta and 5 Beta made me a better athlete today=) i scored A1 in bio, but studying engineering. that doesn;t really matter coz bio knowledge enable me to understand nutrition plan better=) u brought us to kuala Selangor, all the experiments and stuff... u even asked a class mate of mine to eat a WHOLE BIRD and leave the bone in a plastic bag. somehow the whole set of chicken bone went missing. or else i could have understand the bones better=p haha. thanks ma'am=)

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