Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hardness Test

this few pictures took me almost a week to snap it.
heat treatment has been done to this few steel to test the hardness after heat treated. temperature of steel heated in the furnace is 850 degree Celsius, but the temperature dropped to 612 coz we're late for the Lab after attending the Prof Mahzom's parade.
first day went into the lab, start with the 3 steel and test the hardness. the other 3 steels are super time consuming, need to let it cool down la, keep in furnace la.. macam2 ar.. but the final result is kinda interesting. the grain size will affect the hardness of the steel. the microscopic view of heat treated steel.. hehehehe..

thanks to my team members..
Eddy Hiew, Farid Rumaizee, Zack (import), Aqilah, Helmi (import)

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