Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UPNM Pewira Besi Parade Final Rehearsal 2009

Tangisan seorang RSM..
terharu tengok kadet2 ku kawat mantap..
in 3 days time my cadets from zero turn hero..
in 3 days time able to perform a passing out parade.
u know why i say this is amazing? the navy just came back from KDSI, and the navy march differently. in 3 days time we tried hard to adapt the army marching style, and most of the juniors aren't good in M16 marching, somehow hundred over cadets manage to cooperate.
no wonder the RSM cried=p hahaha.. after days of scolding and drill under the scorching sunlight, we did it!

Batalion Lekir...

Batalion Lekir yang mantap bergaya hebat macho.. hahaha

Batalion Limau Kasturi.. hahaha.. Angre jeling2 manja..

tgk SM Daniel kat blakang tu tayang dada. haha

Hang tuah dan hang jebat...

Tuan Kausar the Parade Commander.

The highest ranking rank holder in UPNM.

heavy heel strike!
jalan pacak tumit lenggang paras buka dada langut pandang depan muka ketat!

our MC gonna be for the Pewira Besi Parade tommorow. 2nd July gonna be the parade.

Regiment Sergent Major (RSM) Warrant Officer Hamzah taking charge of the parade commander!

adoi aku terpijak paku..

Kadet, apasal beret ko tak petak macam kepala aku?

all cadets..
Welcome to the Black Parade. hahaha...


Bert said...
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Bert said...

chan jun shen...
forward rollsemua skali..
aku pon dah ade blog..
follow aku nyer blog..