Monday, May 11, 2009

What juniors are all about..

based on my 6 years experience and spent my teenage years in the military environment..
Juniors will obey orders and not to question it. i was a junior, and now i'm still one.
when i say something most of the time will have "BUT".. coz i like to compare=)
life is full of choices, and not everything is beautiful.

Juniors have to endure the physical and mental Challenge. itz a torture when u're in the situation, but after that u might consider it as a challenge=)
justnow senior 06 knocked the door many times, but i didn't notice.. when i opened the door, he gave me push ups. Never mind.. i told him that i didn't lock the door.
Juniors will only respect seniors who really have the charisma. i like to observe people, the learn from them=) i would say i'm a sensitive person, coz when the seniors change the mood, i can feel it very quickly. when they change their mood, better act appropriately to avoid problems. coz they have all the power.

What seniority is all about..
when someone grows a year older, he'll get a year extra of seniority.
but how senior is their "inside"??? the VC is a 3 star general, but some of his seniors are lower rank than him. so, which kind of seniority are we talking about? AGE vs RANK. the smarter, the greater a person's "inside", i believe the faster he'll climb up the hierarchy.

Midshipmen will be going to KDSI, during the meeting i already warned them! handle the juniors with pride, i know lots of them gonna do stupid stuff there. like what i've observed, there's an ART of RAGGING.. after the punishment, there should be "cooling down".. and the punishment should be suitable with the rig.
u can't ask someone wearing Bravo to crawl right? if u insisted that u can do that, i would say u're bloody stupid. itz a disgrace to the Navy's white! celoreng is different, any punishment suits well..
but these days Commando rest with back packs kinda popular. is it correct?? i don't think itz right, coz it'll damage the neck. punishment is to make him pain, but not injured so that he'll remember. once he is injured, the PUNISHER will be PUNISHED. ended up, who punish who?

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