Monday, May 11, 2009

Military Semester 2009

Dataran Merdeka 10km Larian Bomba..
myself full of disappointment.. i was running 10k with the pace as if i were to run 10k triathlon. what the hell! i can't even catch up with Iwata and Don Khor.
i take it positive, will review my mistakes.

Fireman run, wear RED!!! WOO HOO!!!

the day before Fireman run.. i was on duty together with Platoon Leader Johari.
i talked to him and he shared his experience onboard KD Lekir with me=)
a very unique man, which i suggest u add him in TAGGED. hahaha.. he told me that he'll make his wedding the greatest ever, and promised to invite me. why suddenly talk about wedding? hahaha...

look at that sweet look when he talk to his girl.. hoho..

i wonder how many people care about athlete. what people care is their glory on the arena. now that i'm suffering from injury, who really cares? myself can't even see the injury, but it pains inside. i'm sure lots of people not happy to see me in normal uniform whereas the others wearing Delta.
sometimes somebody pass by and ask whatz going on, then u tell them they'll just walk away and said "urmm..." or just nod. basically no body cares.
ah, another thing.. when u wear different attire compared to the others, better think of a short and sharp answer. coz in UPNM everyone pass by and ask this and that, rumours spread crazy fast! as an example, one junior report konon nyer kena ragging, within hours the news already spread in MINDEF.
this morning went to see Dr Tanya.. after the X RAY and all, confirmed i'm okay. she said soft tissue damaged, but i think itz more than that.. the pain still there although after 2 weeks i've been light training..
Dr Tanya asked me whether can i follow the activities.. then i said i can run but i can't walk. she must be wondering what the hell i was talking about. may be she should deeply understand how athletes run. walking is very very heel striking and my heel is painful, running is midfoot strike ground, so the impact n midfoot won't cause pain at the heel. anyway, she gave me medicine and thatz why i've been sleeping for hours today, mainly to make me sleep and rest my muscles.
as i said, who cares right? all this while i brought back medals and cash prizes, people keep asking this and that.. and now, itz really weird, why no body come and help? or may be they'll tell u.. "help yourself please"..

justlike when me and mirul pain like crazy in the room, and we really struggled to go class and follow the routine. but nobody knows except those who went for the race.
at one time we got down late for roll call, then few seniors talk cock in the column. how to explain to them? imagine cross country already make them complain, what if they climb Nuang?

resting in my room, suddenly phone call from stranger..
Captain Zul rupa-rupanya.. he ordered me to go Markas, which is 1.3km away from my block. i told him i'm not well but he insisted me to go. so i biked there together with the Admin Order he requested.
i was there at 5pm, then Chief Instructor joke and joke and joke with me while doing exercise in the gym.. he looks young tho.. then CI told me that i don't need the admin order since the press conference is during holiday. thatz why i said CI works very efficient! BUT, with admin order, i'll have free transport to go there.. good also. sometimes when orders come to u, u think twice.. especially now military semester, orders simply fall to u..

some seniors will be leaving us soon.. gonna be commissioned. normal la, same thing happen every year. but this year slightly different, because of the admin implement new routine, so the seniors turn out to have weird character. all this while in Sg Besi, i've built up my character when i was in RMC.. and i feel so lucky that i had my hard times there with the RIGHT regimental style. Gerald Templer did a great job!
days ago someone said that all the 3 forces' origin was from the ASKAR MELAYU..
but in my Syllabus approved by the Ministry of Higher Learning, the NAVY started from the Reserved Volunteer Unit at Woodlands.
anyone can give the correct statement? he said that if we think we're bloody smart, then don;t come to UPNNM.. i'm just wondering which is the truth..

this year's Wesak, despite myself present in the temple, but i couldn't stay overnight in the temple to volunteer. UPNM only allow us to go outing. what to do right? i went there to pray, then by 6 pm i was back in UPNM. didn't even get to participate the procession. i remember the officers said, holiday is a privilege, itz not necessary to have it.

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apik said...

haha.. part yang last tu aku confius.. aku selak nota Military History, Colonel Sofian..
the RMN is formation of the Straits Settlement Naval Volunteer Reserve (SSNVR) in Singapore on 27 April 1934 by the British colonial government in Singapore.. blabla..