Monday, May 4, 2009

after exam..

during the exam period, i broke my own running record, accidentally...
in a week's time, i broke 2 records for 7km. but i broke one minute each time. and now, i'm not gonna run.. coz i'm afraid that i'm not able to break it or at least achieve that timing. the timing was not very very fast, but thatz my personal best so far=) i'm satisfied with it=)

the stressful exam week didn't stop us for going training. (actually we're ordered to go sports every evening).. haha.. most universities don't implement this evening sports parade, thatz one of the reason why we're a bit better in certain sports and we move in a team since the whole team gotta come down for sports.

Kevin Siah is another scary guy.. months ago he dropped comment in my blog..
then i checked his timing! crazy fast! one of the top malaysian Ironman! 11:15:20 the total time! thatz crazy, but my aim is the clock that kind of timing before i commissioned from UPNM=) is it possible??? not quite.... but we'll see.

the UPNM's pool already turned green and fishes swimming in there! since those days, this pool is never well taken care by the one who responsible. i can say that coz i was here since that past 6 years. i love this pool very much, when i see the colour i feel very sad. last time when i have no other sports other than swimming, itz even worse! everyday i swim in the dirty pool, till the water turn black and un-swimmable.. now at least i can bike if i don't swim..
hope someone will take action to "heal" this pool.

11 IRONMANs from UPNM all swam in this pool and this pool made them all IRONMANs. why no body cares about the pool??????????


kev said...

Wah pai seh only, kena mentioned in your blog. Dude, our race times are not that different. You are still very young, you can easily beat my times, in the near future. All the best and take care.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

yr timing is indeed very impressive! how am i gonna beat u? i need to train harder to give u a lil challenge. hehehe