Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kenyir Lake race review...

according to our technical team..
my record:
1.5km swim 31.28
40km bike 1.08.31
10km run 45.08

1.5km swim 36.17
40km bike 1.21.00
10km run 46.45

we'll start from the swim.. kinda disappointing coz i expect below 30mins.. the water was clear and fresh, no smell and it tastes good=) i realised that my breast stroke is slightly faster than my freestyle in lake.
bike 40km.. i really didn't expect to achieve average of 39 plus! for kenyir route, this is already good for me=) the final climb was crazy, the steepness hanya tuhan saja yang tahu perasaan ku when i climb.. saw lots of people cramp while climbing. and i saw a guy with super great bike, but cycling with super high cadence on FLAT road.. not so smart right? after around 18km, passed another guy with the left arm bleeding.. sigh.. so kesian..
10km run, last year i got back from KDSI.. i consider 46.45 is my personal Tri 10km record as i run 10km everyday in KDSI under the hot sun and my endurance was good during that period. this year i came without training, and i did 45.08. why? how did this happen? new running technique k?=) *grins*..
after the race, INJURY FREEE.. thatz the most important=) race smart=)
i'm still experimenting myself with a variety of nutrition plan.. will find out what is the best for me during Tri races=)

i would like to congratulate all the team members who have completed this OD.. the toughest OD in malaysia. itz a great achievement to do the FIRST in kenyir. itz tough but u guys just did it=)now can aim for greater distance or improve yr OD time=) some of them are disappointed with the time, for the First timer i advise u guys to be patient. itz normal to do stupid mistakes for yr first. myself gone tru all that just few years earlier than u guys. i was much dumber and blur2.. at least u guys have a racing bike, some even full carbon.
my first OD, swim in Titiwangsa Lake, 40km cycling with 110 bumps on the road and 10km easy run. cycling without cyclometer, and i counted loops with rubberband.. i bike without cycling shoe, and ran with running shoe i bought from Petaling Street. completed the whole race with only ONE performance Bar and a bottle of endurance on the bike and few cups of isotonic on the final leg. thatz STUPID! i taped my mineral water bottle on the seat tube coz i didn't have a bottle cage on my steel bike. i bike with 5 ringgit tights without padding and now still survive=)

swim time improved 5mins compared to last year.. last year did 36mins because i just came back from KDSI..

beside me are all the UPNM's first timers.. all of them completed the race in piece. no injury, just mild knee pain. normal la, first OD la..

still smilling=) first OD after IM, to test whether have i recovered or not=)

aiman and amirul...

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